Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Seven Part One

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True the her word, Joanne returned a few minutes later with a bag slung over her shoulder.

“You were right,” she said. “Mum wasn’t happy. She thinks you’re planning to kidnap me and hold me hostage. I asked why you’d let me come and explain if that was the case and it was my brain that was torn up, not hers, so she didn’t have a say. That shut her up but she’ll fret like crazy, I can tell.”

“You pack quickly,” Sonia said.

“Hah! No, this is just some clean undies and my toothbrush.” She opened the bag to show it was true. “No bugs, scan it if you want.”

Sonia was quiet a few moments as she scanned the bag before nodding. “We’ll take you to Indaturan first on our little side trip. We’ve already warned him you’re coming.” She looked over at Adrian. “I believe he’s at his own court so you’ll need to open the gate.”

“Of course.” Adrian held out his hand and opened the gate in the centre of the room.
“Welcome to my home,” Indaturan said when they arrived. He moved faster than anyone and caught Joanne as she slumped towards the floor with a groan. “And you must be Joanne. This will help.” He slipped a clay pendant over her head as her helped her sit down.

“Thank you,” Matthias said. “And yes, this is Joanne. We believe you may be able to help her.”

“I should be,” he said. “But I need to see what I’m dealing with first.” He laid a hand on her forehead and frowned. “It’s not as bad as it could be, but from what I understand it’s only going to get worse so let’s deal with it as quickly as possible.” He eyed her speculatively. “But a genuine temporal affinity? You’re an extraordinary young lady.”

“Thank you.” Joanne flushed slightly. “I’m sorry to trouble you this way but we need to keep me functional so I can help find a path through this.”

“So I hear,” he said. “We’ll start work once the most recent damage you have done to yourself has settled down. For now, I’ll get someone to take you to your chamber.” He clapped his hands and spoke briefly with the dragon who answered his call. She nodded and led Joanne from the room.

“I’m afraid we’re rather loading you up with patients,” Matthias said.

“War has a habit of doing that,” Indaturan said. “And I have plenty of room.” He turned to Adrian. “And speaking of my patients, your mother wishes to speak with you and Julie while you’re here.”

“I can do that,” Adrian said. “How is she?”

“Her essence is much better,” Indaturan said. “And I’ve managed to get her barrier back in place, though it’ll be a long time before the damage Mitakrian did is fully healed. But she’s still incredibly depressed. I think I’ve talked her out of being suicidal but only because she thinks that would be too easy.”

“That’s a start,” Adrian said. “Let’s go and see her then. She wouldn’t be asking for us if it wasn’t important.”

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