Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Three Part Five

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“We do need to do something about her before she does anything.” Matthias tutted to himself. “And I’m still bothered by how easy rescuing Lyd was. She’s managed to be one step ahead of us every step of the way, so why wasn’t she expecting us?”

“Someone helped me,” Lydia said. “I don’t know who she was but she said she was a friend of Anndarian’s.”

“Yes, you said,” Matthias said. “But I still don’t like it. What do you think, Sonia?”

Sonia looked thoughtful. “Yes, I agree,” she said. “It is odd, but I’m not sensing any danger from it. Xantaria may not have expected Lyd to accept being turned into a dragon.”

“You mean she was hoping I’d die?” Lydia said. “And you’d blame yourselves? Possible, but that doesn’t feel quite right either.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Sonia admitted. “Let’s see.” She closed her eyes and concentrated. “I’m still not sensing any danger and there’s no sense of being blocked either…” She hesitated. “But there is something but I can’t put my finger on it. I’ll work on it some more.” She pinched her nose. “I take it you’re going to work on Drew’s friends some more for the rest of the day?”

“Unless something else comes up,” Sarah said. “I hope it doesn’t.” She rose to her feet. “Let’s get back to work.”

Sonia nodded. “See you later then. Call if you need us.”
Later that day, Lydia was curled up on her bed reading. People kept telling her she needed to rest but she could only sleep so much and lying in bed awake was boring, She was a couple of chapters in when there was a tentative knock on her bedroom door.

“Come in,” she called.

A moment later the door opened and a woman she didn’t know peered in at her.

“Uh, hi,” she said. “I’m Melissaa, I’ve been councilling Andrew. Sonia said you wanted to talk with me as well.”

“Well it seems like a good idea.” She waved Melissa into the room. “I wasn’t expecting a home visit, though.”

Melissa chuckled warmly. “Sonia is very insistent on you getting your rest.” She sat down by the bed. “I’m not here to do a session right now, we can wait for your energy to recover so you can concentrate on your mental state. I just wanted to check how you are getting on.”

Lyda hummed for a moment. “I’m not sure,” she said finally. “I think I’m okay but it’s a lot to get my head around.”

“Good,” Melissa said.

“Good?” Lydia stared at her.

“If you’d said you were fine I’d have been worried. It would have suggested that you were in denial.” Melissa started to smile again but then froze and looked around sharply. “Someone’s watching us!”

“What?” Lydia tilted her head and dropped the extra thick shielding she was using to protect he essence. As soon as she did, she realised she could sense someone watching as well. “What the hell!”

“I’m calling Sonia,” Melissa said and headed to the door.

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