Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Two Part Nine

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“What?” Alaryia was staring at Lydia with naked shock on her face. “But–”

“I knew it!” Sarah said. “I didn’t want to get her hopes up but I could tell something was different. She didn’t seem to have the hooks in her mind that I’ve sensed when I scanned full Kithreiri and I thought it was them being torn out that caused the constant hunger.”

Alaryia frowned, clearly thinking this through. “I think I see, except our children have never had an obsession ripped out and they have the same trouble.”

“Yes, I’m not quite sure why that is – acquired traits really shouldn’t be heritable.” Sarah scowled thoughtfully. “But Lydia isn’t a born dragon and I think when you redirected her transformation it worked differently. It’s fair to say that she’s still a dragon but she seems to be a different kind of dragon.”

“Well, I’m quite happy not to feel constant hunger,” Lydia said. “I assume I’m still a psychevore?”

“I would think so.” Sarah laid a hand on Lydia’s forehead for a moment before nodding. “Yes, definitely. It’s just that your ability to feel sated is unimpared.”

“We have to tell the others about this,” Alaryia said. “They might have some insights..”

“You’re not happy about this?” Lydia asked.

Alaryia gave her a startled looked and then smiled. “Oh I’m happy for you and maybe a little jealous,” she said. “I’m just puzzled as to why and wondering if there’s some way to use you as a model for a cure.”

“That’s possible,” Sarah said. “But it will take some thinking about. But you are right that the others might have some insights. Let’s go talk to them.”


“That actually makes sense,” Darlryan said when Alaryia told them about Lydia not feeling hungry. “I wish it had occurred to me to try transforming a partial transformation. Not that I would have had opportunity to.” He pulled a speculative face. “I wonder what would happen if Lydia-alra transformed a full Kithreia.”

“Would that matter?” Indaturn looked just as thoughtful. “They would have an obsession so they should still feel hungry after it’s been torn out.”

“Except there’s a certain amount of templating going on,” Darlryan said. “Her energy might prove to be a model for their reshaping.” He smiled at Lydia. “But she needs time to recover before anyone starts poking at her to investigate.”

“I feel fine,” Lydia said.

“You look okay as well,” he said. “But your essence has been knocked around a lot. You need to rest.” He tilted his head. “Green eyes suit you.”

“Green… Oh my eyes will have changed!” Lydia looked over at Karen. “Have you got a mirror, Kaz?”

“Of course,” Karen fumbled around in her bag and found a compact. “Here.”

Lydia opened it and frowned at her reflection. “Those are going to take some getting used to and I’m going to need some grey contact lenses if I’m going to pass for human with anyone we don’t want to know.”

“I can arrange that,” Matthias said. “And it’s a good thought, Lyd. Does she need to stay here for a while or can we take her back to Earth?”

“She should be fine on Taloa,” Alaryia said. “She just needs to rest for a few days.”

“Good,” he said. “Let’s get home then. Thank you all for your help.”

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