Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Five Part One

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“We’ve scanned the whole island around Silenia and there’s no sign of any troops yet,” Julie said when she and Tara returned. “Not even enforcing the curfew: probably because not many people live there. There’s no sign of anyone approaching by boat either. I suppose they might fly in but that would be noticed and I suspect they’ll want to keep this quiet.”

“There’s no sign of troops here yet either,” Alexandra said. “But we’ve heard back from Adrian. He’s awake and recovering from the after-effects of his premonition but is still too shaky to jump. However, they’ve questioned the prisoner and apparently Robert is a Kithreian interloper as well. We’re trying to track him down because if we can break his disguise we might be able to stop this before it starts, but he’s hiding himself.”

“Well of course he is,” Julie said drily. “He knows that as well as we do.” She tutted to herself. “But I gather our allies may know where he is since they managed to find out what he had said.”

“That’s a good point,” Alexandra said. “We’ll ask them when they jump in. As soon as Adrian recovers enough to come back and Sarah has woken Lydia, we’ll depart. We need to get moving on this.”


“Yes, we know where he is,” Sophie said after Julie had explained the situation. “Emily can feed you his location and what she saw and heard during her scrying of the situation during your merge. But it’s not going to be easy for anyone to get close enough to do what you are suggesting, given how tight the security is where they are questioning him.” She tilted her head. “But really, he’s an imposter? And his family never noticed? That has got to sting.”

“His Uncle is refusing to believe it,” Julie said. “So we need to prove it too him too.” She rubbed at the bridge of her nose. “All the more reason to get this clarification done. It might give us a clue as to how best to deal with this situation. We’ve had several people lose consciousness because they were injured or killed in their premonitions.” She nodded to Adrian who still looked a little shaky and pale.

“Yes,” Sophie said. “I think we want to avoid that if possible.” She gave Emily a little push towards the group of clairvoyants. “Go on, Em. I’m not sure how they are going to make a coherent whole out of multiple premonitions but they know what they’re doing so I trust that they can.”

“I know.” Emily nodded to the group as she sat on the spare chair in the circle. “I’m excited to meet you all. I just wish it wasn’t in such dire circumstances.”

“Same here.” Julie smiled at her. “I’ll handle bringing Emily into the merge as she’s untrained and Marian due to her injuries. Tara will gather everyone else up and merge with me once she has them. Is everyone ready?”

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