Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Four Part Five

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“Well,” Louise said when Julie finished her story. “I remember you using that trick a time or two but I never imagined it was possible to push it further and actually become what you were emulating.”

“It sounds like it’s not exactly usual,” Trent said. “What with it nearly killing her.” He pulled a face. “And that’s an unenviable position you’re in. This Gerian appears to be an enemy and you owe him a life debt.”

“He can eat it,” Julie said flatly. “He used me enough to pay for it. I’m not breaking my ethics to help that prat.”

“He’ll probably try and push it, you know,” Lyrrekka said. “He’s like that. Fortunately we can push back.”

“This is all very interesting.” The bored voice came from the other side of the table. “But we have a decision to make.”

Alexandra tilted her head at the man who had spoken. “What do you mean, Ronan?”

“Should Tara Laverne be holding her family’s seat when her mother is alive and present, albeit now younger than her daughter? I believe we have rules for this exact situation – I always did wonder why since it seemed impossible.”

“We do,” Alexandra agreed slowly. “Which means someone knew about that particular ability and made the rules accordingly.”

“A mystery for after this crisis is passed,” Ronan said. “For now, what do the rules say?”

“That the family headship and thus the seat belongs to the original holder unless they give it up to the current holder.” She tilted her head at Julie. “What do you want to do?”

“What do you think, Tara?” Julie and Tara exchanged a speculative look and then Tara rose to her feet and stepped to one side.

“You were always much better at this than me,” Tara said. “Please take the seat.”

“Thank you.” Julie walked over and sat down. “I really wasn’t expecting this.” She leaned forward. “So what’s next on the agenda, now we’re done with the shocks for the day?”

“Well, hopefully anyway,” Trent said. “I think we’re supposed to be dealing with formalizing our rescue team response to these emergences and what to do about the government trying to trick us.” He tilted his head at Matthias. “I believe you said you were meeting someone who might be able to give you some information last night? A wild who works for the government.”

“Indeed,” Matthias said. “She confirmed what we thought – the Prime Minister’s offer is a trap. She suggests we spring it carefully. They won’t dare to attack us if we approach in a public place – probably.”

“There’s something to be said for that idea,” Ronan agreed. “But are you sure she’s trustworthy?”

“In so far as it goes,” Matthias said. “She’s certainly hiding something but I don’t get the sense she’s on their side. She’s also offered us the location of the kids they’ve already taken. We’re planning to rescue them and make it look like the Kithreia did it.”

“Oh! Good plan!” Trent said. “We don’t want to antagonise the government and we need them focused on our mutual enem–” He paused as the young woman next to him leapt to her feet. The colour had drained from her face and she was staring into space. A moment later Sonia gave a low cry, and Julie clapped her hands to her mouth. They weren’t alone either – Sarah, Tara, Marian and several other people around the room were also reacting to something and Lydia had fainted dead away.

Matthias chewed on his lip as he looked around. “Is every precog in the room reacting to something? That can’t be good.”

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