Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Four Part Ten

June 30th, 2014  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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Adrian’s face was drawn when they reached the chamber where he was resting. The glowing imp that had been hovering around Adrian since it arrived had gone – presumably absorbed. Indaturan immediately sat on the edge of the bed.

“What did you see?” he asked gently.

“The same thing the others saw,” Adrian replied. “You know what they saw, right?”

“We do,” Indaturan said. “And what they’ve learned from their contacts. We’ve already questioned Dialdra and the boy is another Kithreian.”

“Good,” Adrian said. “That will help.” He closed his eyes and shuddered. “I was shot in my vision. That’s the last thing I recall before everything went black. I think I might have died.”

“Not an unreasonable suspicion given that the premonition sent you into convulsions,” Indaturan said. “Let’s avoid that if at all possible.”

“Forewarned is forearmed,” Adrian said. “They’ll be doing a clarification; I should go and help.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Malisia said. “You’re not going anywhere until you’ve drunk this.” She pushed a steaming goblet into his hands. “And I want to check you over first. Seeing yourself die can cause neurological backlash and you’ll want that fixed before you do anything.”

“I suppose,” he said. “If I’m going into battle I don’t need one hand tied behind my back.”

“Exactly,” she said. “Now drink up.”

“I should at least send an imp to tell them why I haven’t replied,” he said.

“They know,” Indaturan said. “Ystelyan sent one because the initial imp came to you not us.”


The speed with which Sophie Ashbourne responded to Matthias’s imp suggested that she’d been expecting it, but from the way his frown deepened it wasn’t entirely good news.

“She said no?” Karen hazarded.

Matthias shook his head. “She says yes, under certain conditions. It’s the reason she placing those conditions that worries me, though she’s likely right.”

“So what does she say?” Alexandra asked.

“She wants me to put a beacon up for her, which is eminently sensible, but she also thinks that the front observers for the attack are already in place, so she’s concerned that she and Emily not arrive anywhere they can be seen from outside.”

“That too is not an unreasonable request,” Alexandra said. “We can arrange that I think and keep them away from windows while they are here.”

“Or not bring them here,” Marian said. “We should think about evacuating the youngsters anyway.”

“Cantrell’s probably told them every one of our houses,” Ronan said. “Where would be safe?”

“Somewhere they couldn’t conveniently attack or stake out.” Julie snapped her fingers and nodded. “Somewhere like Silenia. Good thinking, Marian.” She saw the others looking at her. “Our Scilly house. It’s large enough.”

“It is,” Matthias said. “Not to mention the fact it’s a bloody fortress. It would be a good place for our purposes, though I don’t imagine Hannah will want to go back there.”

“No,” Julie said sympathetically. “I don’t suppose she will. Fortunately she shouldn’t need to since she’s neither a child nor a precog. Let Tara and I scope it out, check they don’t have it staked out and if it’s safe we’ll gather all the precogs there to clarify it.” She turned to Lyrrekka. “You should check on your daughter and Tarian-kedan; they might have seen this as well.”

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