Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Nine Part Eight

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An exhausted-looking healer was kneeling by the bed when Sarah led the group into the room where Ken was being treated. Ken was still unconscious and Arnold was kneeling on his other side, watching his brother with an anxious expression. Sarah cleared her throat and both young men looked around. The healer immediately leapt to his feet.

“Doctor Tyler! Thank goodness you’re here. I don’t know how much longer I can keep him breathing.”

“Yes, that’s why I’m here.” Sarah walked over, knelt down by the healer and put one hand on Ken’s forehead. After a moment she scowled and looked around. “What a mess. How did she manage all that in one spike?” She took a shaky breath. “I think I can get his autonomic nervous system working again, at least temporarily. Hopefully one of our allies will be able to fix it more permanently.”

“Thank you,” Arnold said. He looked around at Julie. “I heard what you did to our mother. Can you keep her that way until Ken is well enough to decide what to do with her?” He didn’t add an ‘if he ever is’ to that but his expresson said it well enough. “Is this ally a dragon?”

“I’ve asked my mirian,” Adrian said. “He’s very good with such things. We’re just waiting for a reply. If not, we’ll try Estara-miria, but she might react as badly as Ju- as my grandmother did.”

“And you trust them both?”Arnold asked.

“Absolutely,” Adrian said. “My mirian because I know him and Estara-miria by reputation.”

“That’s good enough,” Arnold said. “If you trust them, we will.” He looked back at his unconscious brother. “Please be okay, Ken.”

“We’ll do our best,” Sarah said. “But she really caused a lot damage.” She closed her eyes again for a moment then nodded. “There, he can breathe on his own now. I’ll keep him asleep until he’s been treated.” She turned to the healer. “And you go and rest. You’ve worn yourself out.”

The healer nodded and left the room just as an imp flew in and shot to Adrian.

“From Indaturan?” Sarah asked.

“That’s right,” he said . As he absorbed it, a small clay pendant it had been carrying thumped into his hand. “He says to bring Ken as soon to Ystelyan’s place as possible before the damage becomes set. It’s harder to deal with once it’s set.” He tossed the pendant to Sarah. “This is to protect his essence.”

“Great.” Sarah gently looped the pendant around Ken’s neck before lifting him from the bed psychokinetically.

“I’m coming with you!” Arnold leapt to his feet.

“I’m afraid you can’t come, Arnold,” she said. “We don’t have one of these for you, you’d collapse.”

“I’ll try and get another one and come back,” Adrian said.

“Wait a minute!” Tara pushed her way forward from the back of the group, pulling a small stone pendant from her pocket. “I still have the one Ystelyan gave me. Use that.”

“Thanks.” Arnold tied it around his neck.

“That’s sorted then,” Sarah said. “Adrian, you’re with me.” She looked around. “And we’ll need someone else to help manoeuvre Ken through the gate.”

“We’ll do it!” Andrew pulled Naria forward with him. “Nari can visit her family.”

“Okay,” Sarah said. “The rest of you stay here.” She opened the gate and they headed though it.

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