Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Nine Part Fifteen

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It was a couple of hours later that Sarah knocked on Kadira’s door. She looked exhausted but Andrew was glad to see her. Even though they’d only discussed Mantilian and the situation on Earth, he couldn’t shake the feeling that if their mothers were in the same room much longer, they would start planning a wedding for him and Naria.

I know what you mean, Naria said to him privately as she brought more tea for Sarah. They do have that vibe, don’t they? I’ve told mother that we’ll decide what we do about the bond we have. She was quiet for a moment. I would like to make it permanent, but it’s our decision not theirs.

I would as well, Andrew said. But not yet. We’re both too young to get married.

“What are you two talking about behind everyone’s back?” Kadira asked.

“Huh?” Andrew stared at her.

“You still tend to look at someone when you’re talking to them, Drew,” Sonia said. “It’s a huge tell and you’ll want to work on that if you intend to talk privately without people knowing. Now what were you two talking about?”

Andrew felt himself flushing. “It’s private,” he muttered.

“We don’t want you planning our lives when we’re still deciding what we’re going to do.” Naria’s bluntness made Andrew flush even more.

Kadira and Sonia gave each other a surprised look before they burst out laughing,

“Oh dear,” Sonia said. “I suppose we were both giving off that sort of feeling. Don’t worry, no one is going to make you get married if you don’t want to.”

“Or before you’re ready,” Kadira said. “Though it’s fairly obvious your bond is rapidly heading towards permanent. So if you do want to break it, you should do it soon or you’ll be stuck with it.”

“It is?” Naria asked. A moment later Andrew felt a tug in his mind and Naria’s eyes widened. “It is!” She took a breath. “I want to keep the bond but we need to see about getting it untangled. A permanent bond that’s this close would be uncomfortable, as I understand it.”

“Lucas can deal with that for you,” Sarah said calmly as she sipped her tea. “It does look uncomfortably close. You don’t want to be constantly stuck in each others company. That gets wearing.”

“I’d imagine,” Andrew said. “Guess we’ll be busy when we get back.”

“Between getting you therapy and this?” Sonia said. “Yes, I suppose you will. We’ll worry about that then. For now, I need to introduce Sal to Mantilian.” She took a breath and did just that. When she finished Sarah stared at the dragon in surprise.

“Joseph Forrester,” she said in a soft, awed tone. “I own your diaries; you were a pioneer in life weaving techniques.”

Mantilian flushed and looked down. “You compliment me, Sarah-alra, but I’m not that good.”

“Nonsense!” Kadira said. “I’ve seen the things you make. Your skill is remarkable.”

“But I still couldn’t weave together a vaccine for that damned plague that killed most of the Speakers in our territory,” he said.

Sarah tutted. “I know about that. It took the whole of Waldhafen over a year to find a cure for it so it’s hardly your fault.”

“It did?” He looked surprised. “I guess it really wasn’t just me not being good enough, then. Still, I wish I knew who’d created it – I’d kill them.” He clenched his fists. “It killed Saliko’s mate and daughters before it burned out. She’s still a wreck.”

“Of course she is,” Kadira said sympathetically. “But at least she’s still got you.”

“Yeah,” he said. “She’s getting there slowly.”

“She’s still got family in Waldhafen,” Sarah said. “Perhaps reconnecting with them would help.”

“It probably would,” he said. “If they’d accept her.”

“They will,” Sarah said. “Birke and I will go and speak with them once we hear that Ken will be okay. I need to check on Alison’s progress, anyway.”

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