Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Nine Part Five

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“Seems a reasonable suggestion to me,” Julie said.

“Me too,” Trent said.

“No!” There was a loud noise from the satellite family end of the table as someone leapt to their feet, sending their chair clattering to the floor. Lydia turned and realised it was Kelly Milton, the woman who Adrian had impaled when she attacked him. “No, I won’t stand for this.” She vaulted over the tables in a way that made it clear she was completely healed and stalked towards the center of the gym. “Why are we taking these two’s word for it that we were wrong?” She pointed at Julie and Adrian. “They have every reason to lie to us.” She glared straight at Julie. “Caroline Laverne, I challenge you.”

“Mum! Don’t be stupid!” One of Kelly’s sons climbed over the table and came after her. He tried to grab her arm but screamed and collapsed to the floor as he touched her. Kelly whirled around and kicked him hard in the ribs.

“I’ll deal with you later, traitor.” She turned back to Julie. “Accept my challenge or cede the Laverne’s place at the table to us.”

Julie raised an eyebrow. “Arnold, take you brother to the healer,” she said mildly. “And I do apologise for the fact that I am going to kill your mother.”

Kelly’s other son looked up from where he’d run to his brother’s side. He looked surprisingly calm given what Julie had said. “It seems to me that she’s rather brought it on herself, Madame Laverne. Ken’s the heir and he was going to stop her but she rather prevented any sort of peaceful resolution.”

“I gathered that,” Julie said. “Tsk, Kelly, attacking your heir, alienating your own family. You really don’t have the strength to pull that off.” She rose to her feet as well. “I do apologise for this interruption, Lady Proculator, but is there somewhere Kelly and I can resolve our differences without collateral damage? It’s likely to get messy.”

“Of course.” Alexandra was glaring daggers at Kelly as she spoke. “Sit back down, Mrs Milton, until we can arrange somewhere for you to commit a particularly flamboyant form of suicide.” She rolled her eyes to the ceiling in obvious exasperation. “And we’re in recess until this challenge is resolved.”

“Thanks, Alex,” Julie said.

“I’d suggest the squash courts,” Sarah said. “They’re reinforced.” She looked over at Julie. “Do you need a second? I volunteer if you do.”

Julie smiled at her. “Thank you. I’d be honoured.”

Duelling? Really, Lydia said mentally to her mother. That’s so archaic.

And not civilised to boot, Sonia agreed. But as you’ll soon realise, Lyd, sometimes our people are archaic and barbaric. Having said that, duelling is rather frowned upon nowadays. That’s why everyone is glaring at Kelly; what she’s done is technically allowed but really not done any more.

But Julie still has to fight her?

Oh yes, and I don’t think she was being metaphorical when she said she was going to kill her either. Sonia said. And in the circumstances no one will think less of her if she does kill Kelly, since Kelly obviously means to kill her. It should be an interesting fight to say the least.

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