Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Nine Part One

December 12th, 2014  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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Lydia and her siblings went with their parents to the meeting again the next morning. Kayleigh and Robert were coming along as well to give evidence and since both were still too weak after their ordeal to walk the short distance to the gym, so Matthias teleported the group there.

Alexandra was waiting for them and smiled warmly at Kayleigh and Robert. “After what we have learned, I am so glad to see you two well. Everyone was worried about you when we learned the truth.”

“Everyone?” Robert asked skeptically. “Even leaving aside the fact my uncle apparently doesn’t believe what happened, our families both have enemies who would be delighted by this mess.”

“Well, I’ll grant you that Garrett is a stupid idiot,” Alexandra said. “But you underestimate how seriously people are taking the situation. Most of your family’s enemies are more concerned about the danger to all of us than gloating. No one really hates you that much; you’re just exasperating, not generally dangerous.”

“Thanks… I think,” Robert said dryly. “And most is not all.”

“True enough,” Alexandra said. “But I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many it is.”

“We’ll see.” He leaned against the wall, looking rather shaky. “Shall we go in? I’m afraid I’ve been standing a bit too long.”

“Of course,” Alexandra said as Lydia moved to help him. As they walked towards the gym doors, Alexandra looked back over her shoulder. “Your uncle isn’t here yet. We’re holding him until we’re ready for you to confront him because of the way he betrayed us and how stubborn he’s being.”

“I’m not surprised,” he said as she pushed the door open. “I know what he’s li–” He broke off at the applause that broke out when he and Kayleigh entered the room. “People really are pleased to see us.” His eyes were wide and stunned.

“I told you,” Alexandra said. “We’ll introduce our other guests before you give your evidence, I think. People are going to be stunned.”

“Other guests?” Robert asked.

“Oh, you haven’t met them yet?” Alexandra said quietly. “The Morgans and Keefes found a lost line and brought them in.”

“Oh,” he said. “I think Adrian mentioned that.”

“Hannah said it’s the one that wiped out the Turners,” Kaleigh said. “That’ll put the cat among the pigeons.”

“Will you please stop whispering and get on with this?” Trent said from where he was already sitting in his place. He looked extremely well for someone who’d been stabbed. “We all know you have some other surprise for us and we’re on tenterhooks.”

“Okay, Trent,” Alexandra said. “We’ll just get Kayleigh and Robert seated and then tell you all what else is happening.”

“Nothing good, I’m sure,” one of the women said.

“It depends on your perspective but I don’t think it’s bad,” Alexandra said as Robert and Kayleigh sat down and the others headed for their seats. She glanced towards the end of the table where the satellite families sat. Her eyes rested on where the smallest group there – two young people in their late twenties – were seated. “I do suspect some people here won’t agree.”

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