Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Nine Part Seventeen

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“Possibly.” Sonia frowned quietly. “It strikes me that those times were likely very brutal.”

Darlydan gave her an amused look. “And you don’t think the modern world is brutal? Take it from me, there may be less blood but in other ways it’s just as bad, if not worse.”

Sonia gave him an obviously skeptical look but didn’t challenge him. He chuckled and shook his head.

“Don’t worry, I do recall it was something to avoid executing the innocent party so I doubt it will offend your scruples.

Sonia frowned at him a moment before finally nodding. “Okay, I’ll accept that. It can’t do any harm to hear what it is.”

“I thought you’d say that.” He created an imp and sent it flying off. “How’s the boy you were bringing here?”

“Recovering, but it will be slow,” Adrian said.

“You know about that?” Sonia asked simultaneously.

“Of course.” He gave a warm smile. “I was with Ind when Adrian-alran’s message arrived.”

“Ah,” Sonia said. “I see.” She hesitated noticeably. “Since you live in Caredale, I should probably warn you that we’re sending Hannah and her father to there to see what’s happening. Kayleigh too, but she’ll be convalescing. He’ll be teaching at the school.”

Dalrydan gave an half smile. “That’s probably not a bad idea, for Kayleigh especially. And I do get the feeling something is going to happen there. But tell me, was it Sophie Ashbourne’s idea?”

“You know about her?” Sonia asked.

“I’m aware of her, yes,” he said. “Her daughter is a couple of years younger than me. It was her idea, wasn’t it?”

“It was,” Sonia confirmed. “Hannah will be in the Sixth Form.”

“Same as me then, though I suspect I’m a year ahead of her as well.” Dalrydan said. “I’ll be doing A-levels next summer. Is it true the school will be re-opening a week early?”

“Yeah, the government thinks it will help settle things down.” Sonia said.

“Ah, I’ll have to stop spending so much time here then,” he said. “I’m not sure that’s going to work though.”

“Probably not, but it’s worth a try,” Sonia said.

“It is.” He turned and bowed politely as Sarah entered the cavern. “Sarah-alra.”

“Dalrydan-mirian.” Sarah inclined her head.

“How’s Alison?” Sonia asked.

“She’s doing really well and her heart friend is nearly healed. They’ve even got her out of stasis and conscious.” She gave Dalrydan a look. “She says she’s one of your renegades?”

“Really?” His eyebrows shot up. “It’s possible. There were several raids while I was in transition that might have captured her. I’ll check with Arilya; she’s my second and will have the names of the lost.” He scowled. “I really need to give Shalriya a good kicking to put her off doing that again. It won’t do to be worrying about next time I need to transition.”

“Ooh, can I help with that?” Sarah said. Then, when he gave her an odd look, she grinned at him. “I realy hate that yellow bitch for what she did at Caerdu.”

“Ah,” he said. “Understandable. And if you don’t mind the risk, I’d be happy for the help. It’ll need to be in the next few days, though. Apparently I need to go back to school next week.”

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  1. mjkj says:

    Oh, they already plan on opening the schools early – even though the rift is still there (and not taken care of yet…)? I wonder…

    PS: typo:
    “I *realy* hate that yellow bitch for what she did at Caerdu.” => double “l” *really* => “I *really* hate…

  2. chunkybutt647 says:


    ” How’s the boy you were bringing here? ” ==> “How’s the boy you brought here?”

    “……sending Hannah and her father to there to see what’s happening….”
    ~~~should be~~~~
    “….sending Hannah and her father there to see what’s happening….”

    Dalrydan gave an half smile====> Dalrydan gave a half smile

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