Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Part Twelve

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“It is interesting,” Sonia said in response to what the Prime Minister had said on the news. “And yes, while I’m not getting any premonitions it is almost certainly a trap. It’s a shame summoning premonitions on demand is almost impossible so we can’t check the details of said trap.” She tutted to herself. “Still, it would be a shame to leave this invitation unanswered – we just need to find a way to do it without springing the trap. I doubt they understand the full breadth of our abilities so it should be possible.”

“It should indeed,” Matthias agreed. “Did Sophie Ashbourne respond to our imp yet? She might have some insight on what their plan is.”

“Not yet,” Lucas said. “But Ian put an anonymous email she could use to contact us into the imp so it should be soon. Oh and Lydia has some other news.”

“Oh yes,” Lydia said. “Fellaria finally contacted me.” She described her conversation with her mentor and Matthias’s eyebrows shot up.

“Excellent thought about the void side of the crack, Lyd,” he said. “Come with us this evening. We’ll discuss it with Indaturan.”

“Yes, Dad,” she said. “Any luck getting that Garrett guy to slip up?”

Matthias gave a wry smile and shook his head. “Not yet, but we’re getting close I think. I suspect it’ll be tomorrow and I think you’ll know when it happens.”

“And we need you to stay here tomorrow as well,” Sonia said. “Because we may need backup once it does.”

“Okay,” Lydia said. “I’ll sort out who’s going to be on standby for any emergencies elsewhere then.”

“The talks went well apart from that,” Matthias said. “Your rescue of Jenny has persuaded everyone that we can get through this and they’ve started to organise their own rescue teams. Now we just need to persuade them to work together so we don’t get duplication of effort.”

“Well that’s good to hear,” Lydia said. “So what time–” She broke off as Lucas rose to his feet.

“Jenny is finally waking up. I’ll go and talk to her.” He held out his hand to Elizabeth who had been listening quietly. “You too; having her mother there will calm her.”

Lydia watched them head out the door, then turned back to her father.

“So what time are we going to the meeting with Indaturan?”

“Immediately after dinner or when Adrian gets here,” Matthias said. “Whichever is later.”

“Good,” she said then as her stomach rumbled. “And what is for dinner? Lucas was poking around in the kitchen earlier and something smells good but he’s just been a little distracted and we don’t want it to burn.”

“I’ll go and check.” Sonia grinned. “It smells nearly ready. Why don’t you kids get the table set?”

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