Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Seven Part Two

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“Kids, you’re with me,” Matthias said. “Let’s go and see what he wants.” He looked over at Alexandra. “If the situation worsens, call us immediately.”

“Of course,” she said.

“Good.” He inclined his head to her then teleported the five of them to Sonia’s side.

“Ah! Here you are!” The brigadier was standing with Sonia, Lucas and the unicorn when they arrived. No one else was in sight. He extended his hand to Matthias. “Mr Morgan, I am Peter Jameson, though my new people call Paerian. I prefer my human name if you don’t mind. I’m pleased to meet you.”

“Likewise. You have quite an interesting story from what I hear.” Matthias shook his hand. “Please let me introduce you to mine and Sonia’s children.” He gestured to each of them in turn as he introduced them.

“I was lucky,” Peter said after he’d shaken their hands. “If I’d been one whisker weaker than I was, the blow that enabled me to pretend I’d been vaporised and escape would have killed me outright instead. My parents would still be wondering what happened to me.”

“And you went home?” Matthias asked.

“My ida sent me home,” he said. “Once she was sure I could take it and knew it was safe. She wanted eyes on the ground to try and figure out what the ones who initially kidnapped me were up to. I wasn’t the only one they’d kidnapped.” He looked thoughtful. “I believe you know her daughter-in-law and grandaughter.”

“Hmm?” Matthias tilted his head at him. “We do?”

“He means Halia and Alaryia.” Sonia said. “Apparently his ida is Kylissan’s mother. I have an inkling that many of the strongest Dragons and Kithreiri are related.”

“Ah, someone else who’s probably not happy with me about those collars,” Matthias said drily.

Peter laughed. “Yes, she did have a few choice words to say about you a while back. Halia senior is rather fond of her granddaughter but Alaryia-miria calmed her down and persuaded her not to intervene at the time. She’s more concerned about the current situation anyway, which brings us back to the matter at hand. Just before you got back I received a call from my superiors – my human superiors, that is. They think aliens – by which they mean Kithreiri – raided the base where they were keeping those poor kids. I’m pretty sure they didn’t, but I could be wrong. Am I? Or did you use this as cover?”

Matthias gave a half smile. “If we did, would you tell them?”

“Heavens no! I don’t like what they are up to any more than you do. I’m hoping we can help each other. My ida is as well… even if she’s still not quite comfortable with some of your allies.”

“Fellaria-ida?” Matthias asked.

“Yes,” Peter said. “Though she trusts Alaryia’s judgement on the matter.”

“Well, apparently you’re telling the truth,” Matthias said. “So yes–” He broke off as Peter held up a hand.

“One of my subordinates is coming with a report. You’d better conceal yourselves until he’s gone.”

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  1. mjkj says:

    Yayy for new ally
    I wonder what report is coming…

    So, now that Peter knows Matthias and the others – he can send imps to them with information, can he not?

  2. torvawk says:


    You know, I was just thinking. That poor unicorn. All they have done so far is put them to work. They were curious about Talos. It would be interesting to hear their opinions and maybe see them get some free time to look around a bit. I know it has been busy for them, but it is a bit rude to treat a guest that way. Especially a foreign one. Just a thought. 🙂

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