Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Six Part Four

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What? Daniel twisted around to look down towards the hill. But he…

Oh, I don’t think he works for Xantaria, Fellaria said. Rather the opposite, actually. He feels like one of the rebels. He’s certainly been on Taloa for a very long time, anyway.

So you think he’s on our side? Andrew asked. Should we out him?

I think he probably is, she said. If he is a rebel then he certainly– She broke off as Naria interrupted.

He’s a rebel, Naria said. He just spoke to me. He says he’s on our side and he suspects what we’re planning as well. I didn’t reply. Do you want me too?

Or he says he’s a rebel at least, Daniel muttered. He could be lying. I don’t think we should out him though. He’s been arguing in our favour, we don’t need them thinking he’s an enemy.

And he might be telling the truth, Andrew said. This is complicated. We need to talk to Dad and the others, see what they think. But can we afford to wait?

No, Naria said. Not if we’re to pull off rescuing those kids as well. We need to get started if we’re to stop them. I’ll start circling around and knocking the soldiers out. Hopefully he won’t interfere. Can you send an imp to your father and tell him what we’ve found?

Yes, of course, Andrew replied.

Daniel-idan, I’m relying on you to keep us hidden. She banked down and started circling the hill. For a long moment nothing seemed to happen but then the soldiers who were getting ready to move out started slumping in their vehicles or falling over where they stood. The civil servant who had still been arguing with the brigadier also slumped to the ground but, unsurprisingly, the brigadier himself seemed unaffected. Some of the other soldiers seemed to have realised what was happening as well and shaken off the effect. One of them staggered up to the brigadier and spoke to him. As he replied to the young man the brigadier turned and quite clearly looked at Naria as Andrew sent his imp shooting towards the school, though he covered it as looking around.

He just complimented me on my control. Naria sounded surprised. He says I should go and deal with the other nests quickly because he won’t be able to stop them learning it’s resistible.


“That’s odd.” Alexandra was once again monitoring the group who had flown out. “Nothing seems to have gone wrong – at least Naria is knocking out the troops well enough – but Andrew just sent an imp flying in our direction. I wonder what’s happening that I can’t see?”

“It’s not far so we’ll find out soon enough.” Indeed even as Matthias spoke the ice imp came flying through the wall and hovered in from of him. He absorbed it and his eyebrows shot up. “Well, that’s unexpected.”

“What is it, Dad?” Lydia asked. “More trouble?”

“No… well maybe.” He frowned quietly. “I’m honestly not sure.” He showed everyone the imp’s message. “What do you think?”

“I think we have to be cautious,” Alexandra said. “But it looks like we have another ally.”

“We should send out someone who can look after themselves if attacked to talk to him,” Kane said. “Seems like a job for one of the Keefes to me. They’ve always been our diplomats.”

“Not a bad idea,” Alexandra said. “But what about the other part of the mission?”

“We can spare a couple of people,” Lucas said. “I’d suggest sending me and Jason, and maybe Lyrrekka and Kenna since we could do with a unicorn there…” He hesitated. “Except we probably do need them at the rescue. Well, this is a problem.”

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  1. mjkj says:

    Wow, another possible ally – great
    I hope he really is an ally, though. And he can shed some light to some more background.
    I just hope that civilian stays out cold.
    I think a unicorn might be nice to be at hand to talk to the rebel though – as to ascertain his truthfulness.

    PS: Stuff:
    I think he probably is, she said. If he is a rebel then he certainly– => too much italics => “she said.” should not be italics => I think he probably is, she said. If he is a rebel then he certainly–

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