Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Two Part Eleven

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“That’s the first thing everyone asks,” Indaturan said. “I suppose it is what I’m known for.” He sighed and looked away. “Taloa has changed so much that it’s not the home I remember. I’ve lived here longer than I’ve ever lived there, so logically this is my home now and I even think I’ll get homesick for here. On the surface it’s not rational.”

“So why?” Lydia asked. “Something below the surface obviously.”

He nodded. “I’ll tell you what I told your parents. I don’t know why. I’ve never been able to define it. It’s like something I can’t quite recall, but I have no doubt that Taloa needs us to return.”

Lydia tilted her head at him. “A premonition of some kind that you can’t remember?”

“That was your mother’s guess as well,” he said. “And it seems reasonable, though I don’t usually forget premonitions and I’m certain no one has blocked me or interfered with my memory.”

“It’s possible that it’s just distance making it unclear,” Xeria said. “You’ve had this feeling for millennia but it hasn’t come to fruition yet. Have you tried chasing it down more recently?”

Indaturan blinked at her thoughtfully. “No, I gave up trying a very long time ago. I’ll try again soon.”

“Ask Aunt Tara for help,” Adrian suggested. “She’s good at this sort of thing.”

“A good idea, my alran. I will do that.” He back at Lydia. “So how did you end up as Fellaria-ida’s ilsra?”

“I don’t remember,” Lydia said. “But apparently I landed on Andarian-mirian’s head and he took me to her and called in a favour.”

“You landed…” Indaturan shook his head. “I think I’m going to have to see if I can get the full story

out of her because there’s obviously more to this.”

“I think you’re most likely right,” Lydia agreed. “I’m looking forward to meeting her properly because I want to ask her about it as well.”

“Ah, yes, your training will have been via dreams,” he said. “She wouldn’t have wanted to be caught with a Taloan ilsra.”

“So I hear,” Lydia said. “Would she really have been in that much trouble?”

“Extremely,” Xeria said. “The idri council takes contact with Taloa very seriously. Even the rumour of her having a Taloan ilsra would have got her killed.”

“Woah!” Lydia stared at Xeria. “I never realised she was risking so much. Why would she do that?”

“Guilt,” Xeria said. “And also because that favour she owed Andarian-mirian was a life debt. She couldn’t say no.” She hesitated. “But I think Indaturan-mirian is right – there’s more to this. He took a hell of a risk going to her. I would have thought he’d go to Alsia-ida to train a Taloan. How that woman has stayed alive, I don’t know.”

“Generally by killing the people who tried to kill her,” Indaturan said. “And by making sure half the idri council owed her oathbound favours. From what Dar says she’s far better at politics than Fellaria.”

“And she has a massive and extremely loyal court,” Ystelyan said. “It would be difficult for them to get to her through them.”

“Ah, you keep an eye on her?” Indaturan said. “I don’t think she’s going to challenge you.”

“As best I can.” Ystelyan shrugged. “She’s very good at dropping out of sight when she wants. But I don’t watch her because I worry she’ll challenge me. She was my mentor and I remain rather fond of her.”

“Ah.” Indaturan turned back to Lydia. “So I guess it’s your turn to ask a question.”


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  1. mjkj says:

    Continued conversation from part eight… it is a bit awkward to be torn out and thrown back into a continued conversation – and not knowing anymore what was said before and having to search through the archive (though it was a quick one) to get where it started…

    Interesting, so the person that taught Lydia taught Ystelyan also…

    *looking forward to learning some more here*

    PS: suspected stuff and suspected typos:
    – He * back at Lydia. => word seems to be missing like: looked, turned, continued, etc.
    – “I think I’m going to have to see if I can get the full story * out of her because there’s obviously more to this.” => unintentional line/paragraph break that disturbs the reading

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      It is a bit awkward. I’ll likely rearrange things in the edit so each meeting is a chapter. I was trying to get a sort of cinematic feeling for the fact it was simultaneous. It didn’t work. Sorry about that.

      And no Fellaria taught Lydia it was Alsia who taught Ystelyan. I’ll have to make that more clear in the edit too.

      Thanks for the catches.

      • mjkj says:

        You are welcome.
        Well, the feeling it happening all parallel came through – but it really cuts the dialogue. – Maybe if one reads all at once that might come through differently – but since the previous part of the dialogue was one and a half week ago it was an abrupt change and the previous part not in the back of the mind anymore.

        …and thank you for the clarification

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