Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Two Part Four

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“That went well,” Daniel said as they headed back to their house. “I was freaked out when Arran appeared behind us.”

“Hmm, well, we should have considered they might sense someone scrying for them,” Matthias said. “It’s fortunate they were friendly. I think we’ve found some important allies here, and I think their appearance will help us flush Garrett out. He’s not expecting this and he doesn’t do well with surprises. Hopefully he’ll slip up and say something he regrets.”

“I never knew Alison’s mind was such a mess,” Julie said. “Gerian was negligent letting her go into battle with such injuries, especially since she’s his daughter.”

“He probably didn’t realise it was still that bad,” Lyrrekka said. “I’m sure Myrtaria did her best. She’s a sweet girl and wouldn’t leave someone in that state if she could help it.”

Tarian made a frustrated sound. “Yes, and she tried to warn him that Alison was fragile but she wanted to help so he let her.” He shook his head. “I should have suspected they were kin. He’s a walkover when it comes to family.”

“Are we any different?” Sonia said.

“True enough,” Tarian said. “So what time are you going to your meeting with the government people this evening?”

“Immediately after dinner,” Sonia said. “Which we should see to soon.”

“And while you’re there, I’m going to see if Alaryia or Estara will allow me to take my court through and find some volunteers to feed them,” Lyrrekka said. “I think they should.”

“That’s probably a good idea,” Tarian said. “It has been a few days.”




“Who’s going to the meeting tonight?” Lydia asked as they ate dinner.

“I’d like Drew and Kaz to come with us,” Matthias said. “And you and Dan go and speak with Indaturan. You can’t make any agreements but I’d like him to know we’re not dropping out of the discussions.”

“I’m sure he knows that,” Lydia said. “But it should be interesting at least.”

“I would think so, and I think you’ll get on with him.”

“And that helps with forging working relationships.” Lydia nodded. “Fair enough. We can do that, can’t we, Dan?”

“Of course we can,” Daniel said. “He seemed charming enough anyway.”

“Too charming sometimes,” Matthias said. “I don’t think he’s hostile or we wouldn’t still been talking, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t dangerous. Bear that in mind.”

“Of course he’s dangerous,” Daniel muttered. “He’s an extremely powerful dragon.”

“It’s more the extremely powerful than the being a dragon that we need to worry about,” Sonia said. “He’s dealing honestly with us but what he wants only marches along side our needs so far. He’s strong enough to cause trouble if he pushes it.”

“I don’t think he will,” Lyrrekka said. “He knows a war won’t help. And honestly, an harmonious agreement is best for everyone.”

“Indeed,” Matthias said. “And we all have an interest in curing the draconic tendency to frenzy.”

“Ah, that’s right!” Sarah said. “I found something by comparing Draylian and Naria’s minds that might help us with that. I need to investigate further and see what the area looks like in the Kithreiri as well and if it’s the same for the other dragons as for Naria; all the excitement this afternoon prevented me checking further. But it looks like I was right that the entire area is damaged. It’s going to be hard to fix but pinning it down is a start.”

“Excellent!” Matthias said. “Why don’t you go along with Lydia and Dan and tell Indaturan what you’ve found? I know he’ll be interested.”


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