Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Sixty Part One

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“It’s nice to be home!” Lydia flopped down onto her own bed in her own room with obvious relief. “I have so missed my bed. I hope it sticks for a while this time.” She looked up at Lyrrekka who had followed her in. “You and Kari are staying in my room?” she asked.

“Sonia’s still working out the details but it looks like it,” she said. “At least until she can make a pocket in the garden. We certainly can’t fit all mine and her courts in here long term. I know she’s worried about building materials but I offered to source her some mabain for that – I’m sure Alaryia and Dariad wouldn’t mind selling us some from the Caerdu cache – so it shouldn’t take more than a few days. She’s working on the actual pocket right now.”

“Really!” Lydia bounced back to her feet. “I want to learn how to do that if I can. It’s useful. I’ll unpack later.”

“I’m sure she’ll be pleased to have you. Dan is already there for the same reason.”
“Ah! You want to learn as well,” Sonia said when Lydia ran into the garden. She was sitting on a garden lounger looking for all the world like she was just enjoying the summer sun. Daniel was sitting another but looked a lot less relaxed. “The more the merrier. Just let me get Dan into the link and then I’ll bring you in.”

“Link? Is that so we can see how you do it?” Lydia asked.

Sonia nodded. “For complex stuff like this it’s really the best way.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” Lydia said. “I imagine it would be difficult to explain.”

“Exactly,” Sonia said. “Very much so.”

“Don’t Kaz and Drew want to learn?” Lydia asked.

“Kaz’s spatial affinity isn’t good for more than gating and teleporting,” Sonia said. “And Drew is practicing ice control with Anthony right now.” She was quiet for a few moments then nodded. “Okay, I have Dan so let’s bring you in.”

“Okay.” Lydia felt her mother brush against her shields and opened them to her, letting her pull her into the merge.

This is going to be a really complicated example so don’t be worried if you don’t follow it, Sonia said. I’d usually start with a far simpler pocket but you’re both here and this is what I need to do.

Why is it complicated? Lydia asked.

Because I need to make it habitable for Kithreiri, she said. So I have to make it different from Earth. I’ve got a pattern to work from so it should be okay but it’s got a few more steps than simply from making a pocket using a bubble of space without altering it.

Lydia puzzled over the explanation for a few moments before nodding. Okay. So we’ll just follow along as far as we can and you can show us some simpler ones later.

Of course, Sonia said before reaching out with her mind and grabbing hold of the space in front of them.

A/N: Check out this week’s Sunday Blog with news about Dragon Wars and Shattered.

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