Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Fifteen Part Two

July 10th, 2012  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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“You’re a werewolf?” Leisa stared at Sarah. “How did I miss that? I mean you’re never around on full moon and you eat so much meat it’s silly.”

“You weren’t expecting it,” Sarah suggested with a shrug. “You just thought I took after Merry and followed werewolves on full moon to check. I suppose that you’re going to call me crazy now.”

“Noooo.” Leisa shook her head. “It’s not the wisest choice I’ve come across but not really crazy. You’ve got guts I’ll give you that. But Michael and Meredith are right, you should shift to vampire hunting.”

“The information I’d get wouldn’t be as good,” Sarah said.

“And you don’t think Meredith would tell you anything you need to know? You and her could be good info streams for each other and you would be safer. You’re a good friend I hate to think about you being in such danger.”

“You know, you could be right. But I also like tracking down Renegades before they do too much damage.”

Leisa rolled her eyes. “I don’t know. Werewolf politics confuses me. Who are these renegades and why are they so dangerous.”

“Renegades have a religious conviction that they are meant to rule the world and that the fact that the development of farming changed a lot of things should mean nothing. They feel betrayed by humanity and conspire to restore themselves. They also eat people…” She blanched and shuddered at that. “Alive.”

“And conscious,” Michael affirmed. “It’s a religious thing for them, punishing humanity. Though sometimes I think that’s just an excuse.”

“They certainly enjoy it,” Sarah said with another shudder. “I saw what they did to Rhiane’s partner. It was awful, and they made her watch as well. It’s no wonder she’s so crazy. Anyone would be.”

“That’s sick,” Leisa said. “Okay they need dealing with, but you need to think about your own safety and I doubt shifting to vampire hunting would stop you dealing with these renegades.” She considered the situation for a moment. “But if you’re under suspicion it might be wise to stay where you are for a while. Switching now would just be more suspicious.”

“Yes, I know. I’ve been saying that,” Sarah said. “I’ll think about moving once it’s safe, or at least safer. I think Merry let Tanya know she knew about her, though I am pretty sure Tan suspected she knew. Merry isn’t exactly secretive about her gift within the Order, even though she’s never actually admitted it to me, she has to know I know. I think she’s trying to gather allies for some reforms.”

“Probably,” Michael said. “Ever since she found out about the coup she’s wanted to undo it. Having lived through it in spite of being killed I can’t say that I blame her. It was so so wrong.”

“When Tanya finds out you were there she’s going to want to talk to you,” Sarah said. “She’s trying to find out what happened and why.”

“I’ll be happy to talk to her if she isn’t trying to kill me, and I am reasonably sure she won’t be,” he said.

“That does make for better conversation,” Sarah noted. “It’s hard to have a rational dialogue when fighting to the-” She broke off as Leisa leapt to her feet as a blast of panic from David’s mind hit her. She focused in on him quickly and saw Ragnar’s pet psychic through his eyes. If he was there then it was a sure thing that Ragnar was there as well

“Leisa? Whatever is wrong?” she asked.

“Come on, quickly,” she said. “Your brother, cousin and that girl Anna are in danger. We have to move quickly.”

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