The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Five Part Ten

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Karen stared at the carved blocks lying all higgledy-piggledy on the table. They were virtually identical so there was no way to work out which was supposed to be the first one – but hopefully it wouldn’t matter. She picked one up from the table and stroked her fingers across the surface before opening her mind and trying to dive down into it. Just as Tara had said, there was some sort of lock on them so instead of a vision or even an impression, there was just blankness. She pushed against it but the lock wouldn’t give at all. After a few seconds she felt a presence flick out of the block and scan her before collapsing back into it. The blankness seemed to flicker slightly but remained in place.

She frowned and put it back down on the table.

“That was interesting,” Sarah said as she put another of the blocks down. From the thoughtful scowl she was giving, she’d picked up more than Karen had. “Tara, where’s Collette?”

“Upstairs,” Tara said. “Reading. Why?”

“Call her please; I think she should try.”

Tara gave her a baffled look before nodding. “Okay.” She closed her eyes for a moment. “She’s coming.”

A moment later they heard the sound of two sets of feet on the stairs and Collette and Agrona ran into the room.”

“Mum?” Collette said. “What’s wrong.”

“Nothing’s wrong, dear,” Sarah said before Tara could speak. “We just need you to try and access the blocks. They’re locked but I think you’ll be able to access them.”

“Hmm?” Collette stared at the blocks. “Me? Why?”

“I’m not entirely sure. It’s just a feeling I got when I tried to access them.”

Collette frowned at her a moment longer. “Okay, I’ll try.” She reached for the nearest block then stopped, frown deepening. She muttered something and shook her head before circling the table staring at the pile. Twice more she reached for a block and pulled back before reaching into he centre and pulling out one of the blocks that was near the bottom. She stared at it a moment longer before she nodded to herself and closed her eyes. A moment later she gave a gasp and had to juggle with the block to stop it falling as it slipped from her fingers.

“Sorry!” She sucked in a couple of visible breaths. “You’re right. I can access it. Let me try that again.”

“What happened?” Tara said anxiously.

“I- um – whoever made this keyed it so only a resonant member of our family could read it,” she said. “And then only with certain restrictions. It scanned me thoroughly before it decided to open.” She paused and frowned. “Mum, you said grandad went down there not long before he and gran were killed, right?”

“That’s right, why?”

“Did he take Sean with him? Because Grandad most certainly wasn’t a resonant but this was opened about that time. I can feel it.”

“Did he… I don’t know. He could have done. I don’t know exactly when he went down there, just that he mentioned that he had. It could have been while he was looking after Sean for me sometime. If he did Sean never told me but he would have been very young and might not have remembered.You think he had Sean open it?”

“It seems likely,” Collette said. “And whatever he found out changed his mind? No, it just fixed what he’d been thinking, because he knew he needed Sean to do it.” She closed her eyes again. “Well then, I guess we had better find out what these say.”


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    If he did Sean never told me but he would have been very young and might not have *remembered.You* think he had Sean open it?” => missing blank => …might not have remembered.* *You think he had Sean open it?”

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