The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Four Part Four

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“This is lovely.” Karen tasted another spoonful of the pale pink frozen sorbet. “Sweet without being too sickly. But I don’t recognise the flavour. It’s not fruit…”

“It’s made from rose petals,” Alaryia said. “It’s one of my favourite desserts.” She gave Karen a half-smile, then frowned at Matthias. “Is something bothering you, Mattthias-idan.”

“Yes, no… I don’t know.” He shook his head, looking pensive. “I was just wondering – and forgive me if this is impolite – but aren’t you worried I’ll challenge you the way you want Sonia to challenge Mitakrian?”

Kylissan choked slightly but Alaryia just laughed and shook her head. “A bit blunt maybe but I wouldn’t call it rude. It’s a fair question. And no, not really. I mean you might and you’re strong enough that I’m not completely sure you wouldn’t win but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I doubt you’d kill me out of hand and I’m fairly sure you’d do a decent job.” She looked off into the distance. “Anyway, I’ve been the silver miria for a very long time. Retiring might be nice.”

“You’d get bored,” Kylissan said. “You know you would.”

“That’s probably true,” she said. “But it’s still up to him, not me.”

“I think it would be practically impossible anyway,” Naria said. “He’d struggle to gather a court of dragons he’d be able to stomach working with who would support him against you, Alaryia-miria. You’re very popular with the more decent dragons, especially with what happened with the Core came out.”

Alaryia gave a wry chuckle. “Well there is that. Even Endaria is talking to me again… sort of.”

“If you call calling you an idiot talking to you,” Kylissan said.

“She called me a forgiveable idiot, Kyl,” Alaryia said. “Which is progress. I’m hoping she’ll tell me what she would have done differently because it’s obvious she thinks there was another way. I’d like to know what. She might be right, after all.”

“I doubt it,” Kylissan said softly. “Not the way you’ve worried at it ever since.”

“Probably not, but I can hope.” She paused as an imp flew into the room. “Ah! You have a reply from Valeria already!”

“It seems so.” Matthias held his hand out to the imp and absorbed it, then leapt to his feet. “No, it looks like they crossed. She’s being attacked by Mitakrian – she thinks he’s after their guest. She says she’s remembered your advice and used the throne to shield rather than attack him but she’s worried and could do with some help. She’s not going to withstand a protracted siege.”

Alaryia rose swiftly. “We’d better go and help her.”

“Yes, indeed,” he said. “But who should we take? Not Yedan for sure and probably not Sonia. But the kids?”

“Not Yedan, no. Nor Lyrrekka’s daughters,” she agreed. “They can stay here, but we need everyone else. As you know, he’s not to be taken lightly. I’m going to send a message to Ystelyan and Takylan as well. I doubt he’s alone if she’s worrying about a siege so we need the strongest force we can muster on short notice. And you’d best call your dragons as well.” She turned to Kylissan. “You’re in charge again. I’ll be back soon.”

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    Ah, an attack – you cannot even rest for one dinner/lunch…
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