The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Nine Part Eight

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By the time Matthias, Sonia and the other adults got back from the meeting, Ian had located the block of flats and they knew that they had until the morning before the events of the vision and Lydia and Daniel had cooked dinner. While they ate, they told their parents what they had found and Lydia outlined her plan to deal with it.

“I told you Lyd was good choice,” Sonia said when she’d finished. “That’s an excellent plan.”

“It is,” Matthias agreed. “Though I’m not sure they should take Tarian without Lyr. What if he gets injured and frenzies? We’l have to hope Kelaria and Naria can handle the Kithreian without him.”

“They should be able to.” Tarian shrugged. “They’re both a lot stronger than me and the Kithreian didn’t feel that strong.”

“Good,” Matthias said. “You’ve done a good job, Lyd.”

“Thanks,” she said. “How was the meeting?”

“Remarkably tedious for something so important,” he said. “Any time someone comes up with any sort of remotely reasonable idea, someone from a rival family blocks it.”

“Why?” Lydia asked.

“Politics,” her mother said. “But at least everyone agreed with the rescue parties. That was the important thing.”

“There is that. We’re continuing tomorrow but we’re going to have to work on people outside the meetings to get any sort of agreement.” Matthias sighed heavily. “I did hope that the nature of the situation would cut through the politics, but no.” He rubbed the bridge of his nose tiredly. “I’m beginning to think that the dragons are actually more reasonable.”

Lyrrekka chuckled. “Not always. We can be as contrary as anyone, though Indaturan-mirian should be reasonable.”

“Do you need us along?” Lydia asked. “Because we should rest before going to rescue that girl tomorrow.”

“Hmm…” Matthias considered. “I think you should come along for the introductions, for politeness sake. If he is as reasonable as Lyr thinks, he’ll understand why you aren’t staying.” He rubbed at his forehead again. “Adrian won’t be able to get away for a couple of hours so we have some time to rest.”

“I’m worried about this block the kids had to cut through,” Sarah said. “We can’t be doing that every time – it’ll take too much time and energy – but I don’t know any way to prevent a block like that.”

“I don’t either,” Julie said. “And I think my family would know if there were since we ran into them a lot, unsurprisingly.” She tutted thoughtfully. “But they have to be getting their information the same way, so it might be possible to block them in return. Let me think about it.”

“It should,” Matthias agreed. “And it’s something my family are very good at, though applying it to an entire species is a bit beyond anything we’ve done. But I’m sure if we put our heads together we’ll come up with something.”


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  1. mjkj says:

    The quiet before the storm…

    *looking forward to the next update*

    PS: missing letter:
    *We’l* have to hope Kelaria and Naria can handle the Kithreian without him. => missing letter “l” => “We’ll” => *We’ll* have to hope Kelaria and Naria can handle the Kithreian without him.

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      Thanks for the spot! 😀

      There’s a couple more posts before the rescue one. We get to meet Indaturan next 🙂

      • mjkj says:

        You are welcome
        Ah, well, as long as they (hopefully) will make it, that is ok.
        Ok, then let us meet Indaturan…

  2. White Tiger says:

    Just wanted to say I’ve been following this for some time and I love it!! I can’t wait for the next chapter and your storyline and plots are amazing 🙂

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