The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Nine Part Two

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“I think waiting for something to happen is the worst bit,” Daniel muttered to himself as he watched the news. It wasn’t until Kyle snorted that he realised he hadn’t been as quiet as he hoped.

“Wait until something does happen,” Kyle said. “Then you’ll realise how wro-” He broke off as there was a loud crash from the hall. “What on earth!” He pulled open the door to reveal Salia, Karilya and the little girl they’d rescued last night lying in a tangled, giggling heap at the bottom of the stairs. Valeria was hurrying down the stairs after them.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I turned my back for one moment and next thing I know they’re sliding down the bannister.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Daniel said. “It’s nice to see someone happy.” He cocked his head at Valeria. “But I’m surprised you’re still here.”

“I wanted to give Salia and Amy time to get aquainted,” she said. “I’ve been exchanging Imps with Lorelei so I know things are okay at the palace.” She ushered the girls to their feet and pointed to the kitchen. “Come on, it’s time for lunch.” She cast an appealing look into the lounge. “Could one of you help me find something suitable for me and Salia?”

“I’ll help.” Andrew got to his feet. “I’m a bit hungry as well.” He held out his hand to Naria. “What about you, Nari?”

She leapt to her feet. “Of course.” They headed out of the room with Valeria.

Daniel watched him, go then turned his attention back to Kyle. There was something he’d been meaning to ask. “You still like Karen, don’t you?”

“Wha-” Kyle turned bright red. “How did you know?”

“It’s obvious. You watch her whenever you think no one’s watching,” Daniel replied. “You should talk to her. She does the same to you” He turned his attention back to the television while Kyle spluttered. The news was still rehashing the situation with nothing new. “I don’t know how Andrew can eat. My stomach won’t stop churning.”

“Yes, I’m the same,” Kyle said. “And from what your mother said this morning, Lydia is as well. I don’t think it’s just anxiety either. I’m pretty sure it’s precognitive – which means something is going to happen soon. It might be worth suggesting Lydia ask Collette for help. She should have her family’s knack for clarifying such things.” He paused thoughtfully. “Or Julie. Yes Julie would be even better.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” Daniel said. “I think I’ll go find Lyd and suggest it to her. Where did she and Kaz go anyway?”

“Karen’s introducing her to the other kids who your father drafted in for these rescue teams. They shouldn’t be too hard to find. Do you want me to come with you since I know my way around?”

“Ah,” Daniel said. “That might be helpful.” He scowled at the television. “But we need someone to keep monitoring the news.”

“Well you should be able to find them anyway,” Kyle said. “Given the way you three managed to home in on Andrew. I’ll stay here and call if anything changes.”

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