The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Seven Part Five

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Not long after the reception ended, Adrian turned up at their doorstep. “Kay didn’t find out anything useful from Robert,” he said. “She was exhausted though and fell asleep almost as soon as we got back to the house we’re staying in.” He chewed on his lip. “Do you want me to come with you to Ystelyan’s?”

“It’s not a bad idea,” Matthias said. “But I’m not sure that he’s expecting you.”

“He should come,” Kyle said. “He might not be expecting him but he won’t mind, and it’s good manners to introduce him.”

“Okay,” Matthias said. “Then yes, I think you should come.”

“And Lucas can check on Kayleigh while we’re gone,” Sonia said. “We’re about to leave, though, so are you ready?”

“I’m ready,” Adrian said. He looked over at his mother and Tara who were standing nearby. Marian looked even paler than previously and her eyes were puffy like she’d been crying again. “But mum and aunt Tara are coming as well?”

“Agrona wants to see her family,” Tara said. “So Collette and I are going and Marian can’t be left alone at the moment.” Tara gave her sister a long look. Adrian looked between them and his face paled. He grabbed his mother’s hand and pushed her sleeve up to reveal a bandage. He gave a sharp hiss and looked at Tara.

“When?” he asked.

“This evening while you were all at the reception. She didn’t realise I hadn’t gone and thought it would be too late before anyone realised.”

“Thank goodness you didn’t go.” He took Marian’s hands and squeezed them gently. “Stop this, Mum. It won’t fix anything.”

“You were going to kill yourself,” she said miserably. “If that dragon hadn’t stopped you, you would have done. And it would have been my fault…” Her voice squeaked and her shoulders shook as she started crying again.

“Mum!” Adrian pulled her into a hug. “It’s okay. I didn’t – don’t fret over what might have been.”

“Why were you going to kill yourself? Matthias asked. “It seems a bit drastic.”

“I got myself caught up in a bit of a mental loop,” he replied. “Either resonants were evil like mum said and killing them was the right thing to do or they weren’t and I was evil for having helped hunt them down. Either way I was evil and had to die.” He gave a sigh. “If Soyala hadn’t been a renegade in Indaturan’s court–” He broke off and shuddered.

“Ah, I can see why that might have happened,” Matthias said. “But like you said, no use fretting over what might have been. But we should be going.” He looked over at Kyle. “Open us a gate.”

“Of course.”




“Ah! You must be Adrian,” Ystelyan said when the group appeared in the throne room. “Welcome.”

Adrian inclined his head politely. “Thank you, Ystelyan-mirian.”

“Indaturan-mirian thought you may come, I think,” Ystelyan said. “That explains why he sent the messenger he did rather than just sending another imp when I agreed.” He nodded to where a lovely nymph who looked like nothing so much as a living ice sculpture had burst through the door and was running towards Adrian. “That and he wanted to be sure I’d at least listen to the message.”

“Soy!” Adrian embraced her before turning to the group. “This is my heart friend, Soyala.”

She blushed a faint blue colour and nodded to them. “I am honoured to meet you.”

“Before we discuss arranging this meeting, there’s someone else who’s just arrived who wants to speak with you.” Ystelyan said.

“Someone else?” Matthias asked.

“Yes, I was rather surprised when she asked, though thinking on it I don’t think I should have been.” He clapped his hands and the door opened again, more sedately, to reveal a young woman with incongrously grey hair. A hercian bird was perched on shoulder. Karen stiffened and Alban gave a sharp hiss at the sight of her but neither moved as Matthias held out an arm to stop them.

“Hello, Matthias,” she said. “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I think we need to talk.”

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