The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Seven Part Twelve

September 30th, 2013  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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A little girl was lying on the ground as Karen and Alban approached. Her mother was kneeling beside her while the rest of her family attempted to attack the Lost Ones. One of the shadowy creatures was hovering above them, a thin tendril attached to the child. Other Lost Ones were circling but every time they came close, the first one lashed out at them. Protecting its prize, no doubt.

Karen hissed to herself, then relaxed all her restraints and allowed herself to glow brilliantly as she rushed towards them. The Lost Ones closest to her screamed and vanished while the ones slightly farther away scrambled away into the nearby shadows. She looked back towards Claire and her daughter and saw that the one attached to the child had neither fled nor vanished and was glaring at her.

“Mine!” it said petulantly. “You can’t have her.”

Karen ground her teeth but prevented herself from lashing out at it. She’d probably hurt the girl if she did. “She’s not yours. She belongs to herself. You can’t have her body. She needs it.”

“I’m not ot going to kill her,” it said. “I don’t want to hurt her; I just want to share. Your kind took my body. It’s not fair. I want to feel, I want to taste, I want to not hurt.”

“But you’ll hurt her if you stay connected,” Laxmi said from behind Karen. “You know that. That’s not fair either. Let her go, Eri.”

The creature’s head whipped around to stare at Laxmi and it ducked in a way that for all the world looked guilty to Karen.

“I know, but if I let her go right now I’ll be dragged straight back,” it said desperately. “Please, Lanaria, I’ll let her go before I do her any harm but I can’t go back th–” It broke off with a shocked scream as a ball of brown lightning struck the strand between it and the girl, severing it neatly.

It wailed as its form twisted and stretched and began to fade, but the same brown lightning that had severed its link wrapped around it and pulled it back. A moment later, the creature was tossed into Laxmi’s arms.

The crackling lightning formed a circle around Claire and her daughter as the remaining Lost Ones emerged from the shadows and tried to grab the girl again. Karen let out another blast of light but they managed to avoid it.

“Go to your resonant form,” Laxmi advised. “You’ll make more light that way.”

Karen shot a look at her over her shoulder. “I’ll try, but I’ve only done it once and I wasn’t exactly concentrating on how I did it that time.”

“Just relax and think about it and it should happen naturally,” Laxmi said.

“Huh.” Karen couldn’t believe it would be quite that simple, but she closed her eyes and tried to follow the advice. Lilac light blazed behind her eyelids. She opened them to find herself surrounded by lilac light – but she was still in her body. The Lost Ones were screaming again and running past her, right towards where Daniel and Sonia were weaving the wards to capture them.

“Uh.” She shook her head as the light coalesced and collapsed down into the form of Julie – who landed by Claire and laid a hand on her shoulder. “Come on. It should be okay now, but let’s get your little one to safety.”

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