The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Two Part Three

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“You look better,” Sonia said when Andrew and Naria emerged from the portal. “I take it you have the antidote?”

“Yes, and the formula – though we’ll need to check if any of the other dragons can brew it. because Antidotes are not a thing I’m good at.”

“I can.” Kelaria raised her hand. “I’m not the best antidote brewer but I can do it. My mother taught me. But it might be worth seeing if you can borrow a few goblins from Alaryia-miria’s court. We may need to produce it in bulk and that takes a number of brewers.”

“And goblins are safer than dragons to have around. That’s a good point, Kelaria-alra,” Matthias said.

“Especially since I think you’ve more than paid any debt you owed me,” Daniel said.

Kelaria shook her head and smiled. “Possibly, but I want to help so I don’t want to end the loan yet.” She turned back to Matthias. “Do you mind if I bring Ivina here? I’ve been meaning to train her to help make antidotes.”

“I didn’t think that Speakers could make antidotes,” Matthias said.

“Oh they can’t,” she said. “At least not on their own. They can’t manipulate their essence correctly to make it active. But they can do all the physical brewing steps which helps speed the process up a lot.”

“That makes sense,” he said. “You can bring all your children if you want. At least I assume dragon babies don’t frenzy.”

“Not at my daughter’s age anyway,” she said. “Two or three is the age that particular problem first manifests and even then it’s not common until puberty.”

“That’s interesting,” Sonia said. “Perhaps Sarah should look into that as well. Speaking of which, we should get the antidote to her and Anthony. She’s in her room.”


Sarah opened her bedroom door for them with a wan smile which widened and became more genuine when she saw the flask in Naria’s hand.

“Oh, thank goodness!” she said. “Keeping on top of the damage was starting to get really wearing. I didn’t dare sleep because I wasn’t sure what state I’d wake up in.”

“Well then, you’d best take this and get some rest,” Naria said. “We’ve tested it on me and it certainly works as long as the microbes are already dealt with.” She paused and shook her head. “Using an infectious agent to transmit venom – how did she even come up with such an idea?”

“Collette and Agrona dealt with them,” Sarah said. “And with those of the two kids in the summerhouse.” She lifted the flagon to her ear and shook it before frowning. “I don’t think there’s enough for all of us.”

“I’ll send an imp,” Lyrrekka said. “I’m sure we can have another flask or two by morning. Let’s deal with you and Anthony first.” She paused and her eyes lit up with curiosity. “What two kids?”

“A pair of embers we had to rescue from Birmingham,” Sonia replied.

Lyrrekka gave a deep sigh once Sonia finished describing the incident. “So it’s started already. It’s only going to get worse, you know.” Her frown deepened. “But is Lucas okay or will he need some? He had mental contact with the kids after all.”

“He’s fine,” Sarah said. “His life affinity is reasonable and it seems if you know about the risk you can block the infection just like a normal contagion.”

“Well that’s one good thing at least,” Lyrrekka said. “It’s about bloody time something went right. Now drink up, Sal. We need you fully functional.”

Sarah nodded and raised the flask to her lips taking several large swallows. “Oh! It works quickly. The headache’s fading already.” She pressed a hand to her forehead. “Yes! It’s working. Thank you!”

“I’m glad,” Lyrrekka said. “Now let’s go and see Anthony and give him his dose.” She glanced at Naria. “You should probably stay here, Naria-alra. Let’s not risk another explosion – however unlikely that is – by having him see you before he’s better.”

“No argument here,” Naria agreed. “I think I’ll head to my bed anyway. I’m still tired after everything.”

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