The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Three: The Lost Ones Chapter Twenty Nine Part Ten

November 19th, 2012  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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“So why did you say Emms forming his egg there was interesting?” Matthias said once they were all in the great hall.

“Ah, well, I would have expected him to flee and reform elsewhere,” Kitarian said.

“It’s a good point,” Estara said. “Dragons usually form their eggs in their miria’s nursery and Kithreia keep family nurseries. Those who can’t form their egg there for some reason form it somewhere their psychic instincts tell them is safe. If he formed it here that means his subconscious found it best – which is curious.”

“It is, but I have a theory. He has been in descent for a long time and that means he has been ignoring his instincts, among other things.” Kitarian tapped his fingers against the table. “They were probably telling him he was wrong. Once they were loosed by his transition, they would not just focus on safety but on keeping him out of descent.”

“That’s true,” Estara said. “But I don’t see why it would make him form his egg here.”

“Because much of his thought is based on faulty information,” Karen said, suddenly certain she was right. “He has always been raised as a wild. He actually doesn’t know much about us, does he? His subconscious wants us to educate him.” Her stomach churned. “I’m not sure how I feel about that.”

“That would be my surmise,” Kitarian said. “Keylaria certainly intended to try forcing him into transition and raising him again herself but she didn’t get a chance before everything went to hell.”

Karen blinked at Kitarian. That was not the first time he had used a very human turn of phrase when channelling his father. Apparently she wasn’t the only one to notice.

“You know if I did not know it was impossible I would say you had been to Taloa recently,” Alaryia said. “Where do you learn these things?”

Kitarian chuckled. “Xantaria took an interest in a particular town in England, so I did as well. I picked up quite a bit there, though I am still not sure what she’s up to.”

“What town?” Matthias asked sharply.

“How did you get there without any of us sensing it?” Alaryia asked simultaneously. “Even if you got past us, someone should have sensed you breach the barrier from the other side.

“Wouldn’t you like to know? Though I think Fellaria could tell you. But I was honest when I said I had no designs on Earth. I am just trying to stop Xantaria. You don’t need to worry about me.” He turned to look at Alaryia. “Hmmm…. Why not – it is pretty drastic; I doubt anyone would try it. I did a controlled transition, Alaryia-miria, and formed my egg on Earth near the target town then got myself adopted there. It was a pain to set up. Crossing without being noticed was easy once I got my memory back, though getting into a fight with Alsia-ida and having to grow up all over again within eighteen years was not part of the plan.”

Alaryia’s response was choking noises, Estara had her hand over her mouth and Ystelyan looked shocked but Takilyan howled with laughter.

“Oh, Void! I actually considered that at one point but decided it was too dangerous. You are completely crazy!”

“Perhaps I am but we should return to the matter at hand.” He nodded to Emms’ egg. “You can’t leave it here – it’ll kill him and I think killing the helpless is not a thing any of you would do. But are you willing to raise him again and try to educate him so that he gains some ethics and loses the biases that made him try this twice?”

“I don’t think I could,” Matthias said though he was still glowering at Kitarian suspiciously. “Even as a child and without his memory, I don’t think he should be around Daniel and Andrew.”

“And I’m not sure I can forgive him,” Sonia said. “It really wouldn’t work.”

“I’ll take him,” Sarah said. “I think I can handle it without being too cold to him. He needs educating, yes, but I have a sense that he really needs love as well.”

“Keylaria thought so,” Kitarian agreed. “Not that I imagine his families didn’t love him but he never seemed to believe astral families did. And I do imagine you would get on with him well if you can funnel some sense into his head, Sarah-alra.”

“Thank you, I think,” she said. “But I still think you need to tell us about Xantaria and this town if you want us to trust you.” She closed her eyes. “But we do have more pressing matters. The crack in the sky. We have to figure out how to fix that.”

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