The Dragon Wars Saga: Land of Myth Chapter Seventeen Part Five

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Chapter Seventeen

Part Five

“Do you want to have that conversation now?”

Kyle looked up at Matthias and shook his head. “Not really. I still don’t see that we have much to talk about. We both know where we stand and we’re not going to change each other’s minds.”

“Ah, but I’m not so sure that you know where I stand, Kyle.”

“You hate dragons. You hate them so much you enslave them-”

“I prefer to think of them as prisoners of war,” Matthias said. “But you’re certainly right that I hated them. You don’t think enough has happened recently to make me question that?”

“Well you don’t see in any hurry to let them go,” Kyle said. “Not even that silver one who seems to want to help you.”

To Kyle’s surprise, Matthias looked down guiltily. “Her name’s Halia. I wish I could but I don’t know how to remove her collar without her frenzying. I didn’t design them to be removed.”

“Oh, ah…” Kyle hesitated. “Her miria could stop her frenzying.”

“Really?” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “She never mentioned that. Given where she is right now, it wouldn’t be easy for me to approach her without making a scene. I’ll ask Halia about it.”

He really meant it, Kyle realised. Which meant he might be willing to to be reasonable. He took a breath.

“Estara-miria said that she might be willing to trade the uncircleted raiders she captured to you for one of hers that you had.”

“Really?” Matthias looked interested but then frowned again. “I don’t have any purples that I can think of and I don’t have so many that I’d forget.”

“He could be a different colour. The courts are not homogenous, you know.”

“Do you happen to remember his name?” Matthias asked.

“I think so. She did mention it…” Kyle trailed off and scowled thoughtfully as he tried to recall.  After a moment, it came to him. “Gendalian.”

“Ah! Yes, he’s brown. He’s not as pleasant as Halia but quite useful and he doesn’t curse at me at every opportunity.” He tapped his tongue against his teeth and then nodded to himself. “Halia attend me!”

The pretty silver dragon appeared and bowed her head politely. “Matthias-idan?”

“What do you think of Gendalian? I know I don’t get to see the best of him.”

“Gend?” Her eyebrows shot up. “He’s always been a good kid. I like him, but I might be a little biased since he is my cousin.”

“He’s Estara’s son? But he’s not purple,” Matthias exclaimed. “No wonder she wants him back.”

“Colour isn’t hereditary,” Halia said. “Did she offer you something for him?”

“She said she was tempted to give him the uncircleted attackers if he’d give him back to her,” Kyle said.

“Ah!” Halia cocked her head at Matthias. “If you’re willing, you should find out if she’s serious. She probably is. My Aunt is a good woman but downright nasty when she’s angry at someone who deserves it. They’d probably be safer with you. Your daughter is more direct and less inventive than Aunt Est, and Gend would be better off at home.”

“Thank you,” he said. “I think I will.” He looked over at Kyle. “I don’t know Estara’s signature. Could you send her an Imp for me?”

Kyle gave him a warm smile and nodded. “I can.” He concentrated the conversation in a pool of his essence and formed it into an imp which shot off towards Estara’s territory. “I suppose we did have something to talk about after all.”

“That wasn’t what I wanted to talk to you about kid,” he said. “I was wondering about what Darya said to Mela when he tried to kidnap her.”

“What did he say?” Kyle asked.

“That anyone who realised you were alive in the last two years was dead.”

“Hmph, that’s melodramatic,” Kyle said. “True in so far as it goes but melodramatic. Only one speaker realised that I know of. He tried to kill us; that’s the only reason he’s dead. If anyone else realised they didn’t let on. I play the psycho quite well when I need to but I’m really not that much of one.” He tilted his head. “Well, not when I’m not angry anyway.”

“Oh, I know that, kid. That’s why I was curious. And you being angry is the other thing I wanted to talk to you about. What are we going to do about the Lavernes?”

Kyle’s head snapped up and he stared at Matthias hopefully. “We? You’re including me?”

Matthias gave a sigh. “Of course I am. You can’t stay here indefinitely. It’s friendlier than most worlds but even with Darya anchoring you staying here for more than a few years will wear on your essence eventually. I don’t think anyone has ever successfully accomodated here, and you can’t come home while they’re killing us.”

“I know,” Kyle said. “And no one has. Not directly anyway. I know Ystelyan worries about it. And Exile isn’t really an option for me-” he broke off as the alarms went off. “Here we go. Let’s talk about this afterwards. Do you want me to guard the hall?”

“Indeed.” Matthias looked at Halia. “Will you help Kyle guard the great hall, Halia?”

“I-” Halia’s eyes widened. “You’re giving me a choice?”

“Yes, dear. I’d let you go if I could do it safely. Will you help us?”

“I… Of course I’ll help guard the Great Hall, Matthias-idan.” She looked over at Kyle with a smile. “Come on, Kyle-alran.”



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