The Dragon Wars Saga: Land of Myth Chapter Seventeen Part Two

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Chapter Seventeen

Part Two

“That was strange,” Salia said after Gerian had left.

“Yes,” Lyrrekka agreed thoughtfully. “It was. He was almost polite. If he hadn’t ignored Mia and Coromel I would have dropped the almost.” She stared up at the ceiling with a thoughtful scowl. “He seemed so uncertain and I don’t think it’s just about this thing with Ystelyan-mirian. I don’t like it.”

“Do you think he was pretending for some reason?” Coromel asked.

Lyrrekka’s scowl deepened and she shook her head. “No,” she said. “He was really upset and trying to hide it. Something has shaken him up. Reds don’t respond well to that, and he’s already in descent. It could make him worse.”

“You keep using that word and I don’t know what you mean by it,” Salia complained.

“Descent, you mean?” Lyrrekka asked. “That’s a little complicated.” She pinched the bridge of her nose as she considered how to answer. “It’s different for each colour, but for reds it’s when their self-confidence turns to hubris and stubborness.”

“What about yellows then?” Coromel asked. Lyrrekka gave a wry smile.

“Too many shocks to our idealism and we succumb to despair or zealotism, at which point we’re capable of  anything.” Her expression became haunted. “Shalriya-miria succumbed to despair and became the monster she is today.”

“Being pushed too far and becoming capable of anything is the one thing which defines descent for all colours,” Mia said.

Salia stared at the polished wood of the table and thought about this.

“Oh! Is that why you said you weren’t quite stubborn enough to be a red?” she asked.

“Yes,” Lyrrekka nodded.

“But your friend seemed uncertain last night. Isn’t he red?”

Lyrrekka chuckled and nodded. “Tarian’s red. He supports Gerian’s agenda for the most part but he finds his methods objectionable. He was on the verge of descending and knew it. It’s not the first time he’s come to me to talk him back up.”

“The first time she did it she ended up with me!” Karilya said.

“Wait,” Salia said. “He’s your father?”

Lyrrekka blushed fiercely and nodded. “Yes, he’s Kari’s father.” She looked out of the window and her eyes took on a distant look. After a moment she shook her head and seemed to come to decision. “You girls should get to bed as soon as you’ve sent your imps.”

“Eh! But it’s still early, mummy!” Karilya complained. “And we haven’t done the homework Per gave us.”

An odd expression crossed Lyrrekka’s face at the mention of homework, but she just shook her head. “We’ll talk about that when you get up! Now, imps.” She rose to her feet and looked over at Mia. “I need to check on a few things. Make sure the girls get to bed soon.”

Mia gave a puzzled frown, then  her eyes widened and she nodded. “Of course, mother.”


Andrew was restless. They’d reached the border in good time, but now they were waiting for something. Nightfall or whatever distraction Ilona had arranged, he supposed. He just wanted to get going, but he supposed they couldn’t rush in. He climbed out of the hollow they were concealed in and went to join Ilona and Lydia, who were crouched behind some rocks looking down into the valley.

“Is the river the border?” Lydia was asking Ilona as he reached them.

Ilona shook her head. “Not exactly. It’s not set, it moves too much, and wherever the territories of two of the first meet there’s always some blending at the edges. The last traces of Gerian’s influence dies out about a stone’s throw in that direction.” She pointed down into the valley. “Al’s currently fades out somewhere over the other side of  this valley. If we can get across here without triggering his alarms we’ll probably be okay.”

“And that’s going to be difficult?” Andrew asked.

Ilona smiled up at him. “As I said, we’ll sneak across under the cover of some noise. I was hoping Gerian would save me the trouble of arranging some, but either he suspects something and is trying to keep the border clear of noise so he can spot us or he doesn’t have enough people to distract us from what’s going on. I hope it’s the latter but have a horrible feeling it’s the former. So I’ll have to make sure the noise is at multiple points and I think I’ll take us in by a route I’m fairly sure he won’t expect.”

“I’d be happier if you hadn’t said ‘fairly’,” Lydia said. “So I assume we’re not going through the valley?”

Ilona shook her head. “No, we’re going under it. I’m just waiting for everyone to be in place.” She cocked her head as if listening to something. “Which is right now, apparently. Come on, the entrance to our route is back where we left the others.”




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5 Responses to “The Dragon Wars Saga: Land of Myth Chapter Seventeen Part Two”

  1. Targetdrone says:

    oooh.. things are getting in motion…

    now i just hope that karilya’s dad survives that whole thing… he actually seemed pretty decent (not refering to the state of mind 😉 ) for a red…

    aww.. here’s to some nail biting and sitting on the edge to see how everything unfolds;)

  2. mjkj says:

    Oh, wow, he is her father? He did not act like that the two times we have seen him – does he know? If so then I wish he would take more interest in Karilya … but otherwise he seemed nice…

    Hmmm … what color of dragon does that make Karilya? is she a yellow like her mother? or a red like her father? or is she a mixture which would make her an orange shade?


    PS: suspected typo:
    I would have dropped the almost.” => missing word between the and almost?

    • admin says:

      Tarian is fond of Karilya, that’s why he calls her Kari (using dimunitives among dragons is a sign of closeness – or a deadly insult if you aren’t close. The fact so many people use Lyr for Lyrrekka is a sign of how popular she is). The first time we saw him he was concerned about what they told him, but couldn’t leave his post. The second he was upset and distracted. There’s also a draconic culture thing going on – a dragon child is raised by the stronger parent with little input from the weaker parent unless the parents are married (they usually aren’t). Tarian is actually closer to Karilya than might be expected – for one she knows who he is.

      Draconic colour isn’t hereditary and Kari is too young to have found her colour. There’s a good chance she’ll end up yellow since she’s around Lyrrekka so much, but that’s not certain. At the moment her hide would be pretty colourless and pale, occassionally showing colour with her mood. That’s why her wings are only described as pale when we see them.

      And “I would have dropped the almost” is correct. She means she would have said he was polite rather than almost polite if he hadn’t ignored Coromel and Mia.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • mjkj says:

        Thank you for the elaborate answer.

        Oh, she was discussing the play of words – at first I had thought she would have spilled something about the coming rescue / or at least knowledge of Waldhafen of the attack and possible counter to distract … like: “I would have dropped the shoe (of the attack), almost” – that is why I was confused I had not thought her meaning her own words just then – of course if she meant that then there is no word missing…

      • mjkj says:

        Guess I was overthinking…

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