The Dragon Wars Saga – Side Story 3 – Two Years Ago – The Trap Eight

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Side Story Three

Two Years Ago

The Trap Eight

Kyle was extinguishing the third burning building he’d come to when Sean touched his mind.

Kyle! I think this is all a trick. Come here- An image of a small building they’d passed just before they arrived at the city dropped into his mind. It’s where the Core Gate is and I think the dragon knights are attacking it.

What? Kyle made sure the last of the fire was out, then grabbed Darya and ran for the wall. They said- He broke off as Sean dropped his theory into his mind wholesale. Woah, that does make sense.

I know. Karen and Zillah are still tending that kid – help’s on the way but they’ll likely be too exhausted to help us. Alban’s staying to guard them and Hannah and Ema are fixing the breech. But Jason and Cao are on their way as well.

Good! Kyle said. Let’s hope help reaches Karen and Zillah before they get too tired; we don’t need you passing out on us. He reached the gate and scowled. It’s closed.

“Well, yes,” Jason said from behind him. “We’re under attack if you hadn’t noticed. We’ll have to teleport. You can jump can’t you?”

“Better than you,” Kyle said and teleported past the gate with Darya. He stumbled slightly as he emerged and had to grab on to Darya to stay standing.

“Really?” Jason asked. He was leaning casually against a tree nearby as if he’d been there all along. “I can teleport myself without falling over, Kyle.”

“So can I,” Kyle frowned at his feet as if they could explain what had just happened. “Usually anyway. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me.” He shook his head. “But never mind that, let’s get going. Should we jump again?”

“Not without knowing what we’re jumping into,” Jason said. “Especially not if your aim is off. Anyway, it’s only about five minutes from here.” He set off at a run towards the Core gate with the others in tow.

Sean was waiting for them not far from the tower. He was hiding behind a tree and quickly motioned them over. Once they had joined him, he pointed towards the tower. Sure enough, there were two dragons standing near it while several of the dragon knights prowled around outside it. One of them – a tall blonde girl – was swearing sulfurously.

“Shut up, Shell,” the one named Logan said. “We knew this wouldn’t be easy even with a distraction.”

“We have to get in before they realise what’s happened,” she snapped. “Who knows where Julie went? She’s obviously betrayed us; she might have gone to them. I really don’t know what’s got into her.”

Logan muttered something they couldn’t hear. Shell didn’t notice but Alison looked at him sharply and frowned. He grinned at her. “Just thinking out loud, Ali. Now let’s get into this place.”

“Well that was interesting,” Sean murmured as the three dragon knights turned their attention back to the tower. He saw the others’ expressions and grinned. “Well we know the grey haired girl did run out on them at least. We should rush the dragons first. Julie was their teleporter; without her, they’re reliant on the dragons.” He gestured right and left. “I’ll charge from here, you four go in from the sides.”

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    Oh, now the fight is on…

    I hope … well, I do not know what – we all know it ends badly and that most of them survive – but … *shrugs*

    *dreading forward to the next update*


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