The Dragon Wars Saga – Side Story 3 – Two Years Ago – The Trap Five

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Side Story Three

Two Years Ago

The Trap Five

Karen paced the room as they waited for the all clear. Even through the thick stone walls, the sounds of a pitched battle coming from beyond the inner walls of the city were all too clear. They were gradually coming closer and it didn’t sound like it was going well.

It was making them all tense. Hannah sat in the corner hugging her knees. Sean was beside her with his head resting on his forearms. Kyle was leaning against the wall, scowling worriedly and clicking his tongue against his teeth in a way he only did when he was upset.

Their heart friends were doing even worse. Caoilainn hadn’t even stayed in the rooms; she had slipped out of the window and up on the roof as soon as Aodh had left to join the battle. Jason had rushed after her and neither had returned yet.

Alban and Ema were having an excessively intense debate that seemed soley designed to distract themselves. Zilah was lying by Sean and her normal metallic sheen seemed dull, almost tarnished. Darya looked almost relaxed as he leafed through one of the books from a grand-looking book – except for the determined set to his jaw and the way he was snapping the paper irritably as he turned the pages far too fast to take in their contents.

A scream from close by made him jump and the book crashed to the floor. Karen stopped pacing and whirled towards the door.

“Screw it not being our business!” she snapped.

“You think that we should go and help?” Kyle asked.

Karen opened her mouth to reply then flinched back as another agonised scream tore the air. “Yes, I do!”

“I agree,” Kyle said. “We can’t leave them to fight on their own just because the enemy isn’t draconic.”

“Yeah!” Hannah leapt to her feet.

Sean rose as well. “We should,” he agreed. His eyes had that hazy look that they got when he was seeing something. “We have to.”

“Well that seals it,” Karen said. “We have to help! We’d better call Caoilainn and Jason down.” She reached out to do just that but Jason beat her to it. His stressed mental voice slammed into all their minds.

Guys, get up here right now! All of you. he said. This – this is terrible… He trailed off into a mental sob. Hurry!

“I don’t like the sound of that!” Karen said as they all ran to the window he and Caoilainn had used to get to the roof.

“I – uh – I think that Zilah and I had better use the door.” Sean frowned at the small window and laid one hand on the unicorn’s mane. “Will you be able to get up to the roof, my sweet?”

“Of course I can,” she replied.

“Great!” He headed for the door that led into a small courtyard garden at the rear. Zillah trotted after him. “See you up there, then.” They vanished through the door.

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3 Responses to “The Dragon Wars Saga – Side Story 3 – Two Years Ago – The Trap Five”

  1. mjkj says:


    …what is happening?

    *looking forward to the next update*

  2. Tricia says:

    So want to read the next installment! Must find out what happened!!
    Just one little thing in here though: line 26, where Jason telepathically says “…[i]Guys, get up here right now! All of you. [/i]he said. [i]This – this is terrible… [/i]He trailed off into a mental sob. [i]Hurry[/i]…”, I think what he’s saying should be in italics, since that seems to be how you’ve been indicating mental speech. Obviously, if it’s not telepathy, then there should be speech marks, but I got the impression it was mental speech, not normal speech. I’ve indicated the areas that I belive should be italicised with italics tags in the bit above, which may or may not show up as plain text when I post this response.
    But I am definitely intrigued and very much enjoying this!

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