The Dragon Wars Saga – Side Story 3 – Two Years Ago – The Trap Ten

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Side Story Three

Two Years Ago

The Trap Ten

“Ali!” Logan snapped. “Stop that! I don’t think he’s well.”

“All the better. He won’t be able to fight back then.” Alison scowled at Logan’s frown. “What?”

“It’s wrong, Ali,” he said softly. “You can’t go attacking people who can’t fight back. I’ve explained this to you.”

“But…” she trailed off as his frown deepened. “Why?”

Kyle frowned at the exchange, but Darya had hold of his arm and was pulling him away from them towards the trees so he didn’t have chance to hear how Logan replied. He did hear another shrieking scream from the remaining dragon and looked back in time to see it dissipate. Sean and Jason were both racing towards Logan and Alison and as Darya dragged him in to the trees, he noticed the blonde girl, Shell, lying unconscious near the entrance to the tower.

“Well, that’s one down at least,” he mumbled as they stumbled through the trees.

“Yes, and two dragons,” Darya agreed. “Which is even more important.” He stopped and helped Kyle sit down. “Are you okay?”

Kyle shook his head. “No, but I will be. This is odd, though. I don’t understand why this is happening so fast. It usually takes several days from the first onset of symptoms to maturity happening.” He looked down at his hands. They looked normal enough for now but if he was like his father – and he rather suspected he was – then that would change, and likely very soon. “Are you okay?”

“I feel fine,” Darya said. “Whatever is wrong with you it hasn’t affected me yet.”

“That’s good. I wonder how things are going back there,” he sighed. “That boy seemed reasonable. We might be able to talk him around once we’ve sent them home. I wonder why that Alison girl is so crazy.”

Darya frowned to himself. “She’s in a lot of pain and lashing out, I think. I suspect that dragon broke her to get her to cooperate.”

“No, it wasn’t him,” a voice said from nearby. Kyle tried to leap to his feet but found he was too tired, so had to content himself with looking around as Darya whirled to face the newcomer. The grey-haired girl, Julie, was standing there. She lifted her empty hands and smiled reassuringly. “Peace, I’m here to surrender,” she said.

“Who did hurt her, then?” Kyle asked. Darya continued standing between him and Julie defensively.

“The yellow one, I believe. She never spoke about it much to me, but she was the first of us he found and from what I know, he rescued her from that one. It’s what gave him the idea to find the rest of us.” She shrugged. “But I can’t stomach working for him any more and I can’t seem to find a way out of this world, so I figured you people must know one. Since you seem to come and go quite freely.” She sat down under another tree not far away.

“Well, freely might be the wrong word,” Kyle said. He tried to reach for Sean or Jason but the effort made his head spin. He looked up at Darya. “Could you tell the others that she’s here?” he asked. “I can’t even reach at the moment.”

“Of course,” he said. He closed his eyes briefly. “They’ve got those two and are on their way here.”


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