Lawgiver’s Blade: Chapter Three Part Six

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“Natlin?” Tamasa said after they told them about the conversation they’d overheard. “She pious and traditional but not a bad woman. She was probably just nervous.”

“Perhaps so,” Vessin said. “But Kalit has a very sensitive danger sense as part of her magic. She’s probably going to be an extraordinary Combat Mage when she grows up. I think I’ll suggest keeping an eye on this Natlin to Lilat.”

“I would not say Natlin is any worse than Mayin,” Tamasa said. “Though I admit I don’t know her as well.”

“I heard about that incident with Andric,” Imalia said. “If she thinks he must have a good reason that’s not just overly-pious. That’s hard line Perfectionism and someone needs to gently call her on it. The soft Perfectionism that most commoners believe in is bad enough.”

”And I don’t like the way she’s isolating her son from his peers,” Vessin added. “Your daughter and Kalit are right that something is wrong.”

Tamasa sighed. “Yes, that’s worrisome. Do what you must then.“ Tamasa looked pensive for a moment before smiling. “Still there is little we can do about it for now except be watchful, and I think the girls are hungry again, and Imalia needs to eat as well. I’ve baked bread and we have a wheel of cheese.”

“I am sure that will be sufficient,” Imalia said.


It was two more days before Vessin felt that Imalia was fit to travel by which time Kalit and Alidra were firm friends and clung to each other cried woefully when the time came for them to leave because they knew they knew they would likely never see each other again.

“Nonsense!” Imalia said. “I’m getting back into the family’s mundane business I’ll be travelling a lot and can get back to Shael sometimes, So i’ll bring Kalit to see you.”

Her reassurances made them both stop crying. Alidra scrubbed at her face before hugging her too. “I hope you get well soon, mage Imalia.”

“Thank you, Alidra,” she said.

“High Mage Kadriya has sent magical transport for you again,” Lilat said. “She wishes to talk to you before you go with Vessin.”

“Yes, I imagine she does.” Imalia turned to Tamasa and hugged her too.

Alidra saw her mother whisper something to Imalia who nodded and took something from her. As Imalia slipped it inside her robes Alidra realised it was a letter.

After both their Laglini guests and Imalia’s party had left Denri headed to the fields while Mayin went to Lidri’s house to check on her husband. Tamasa took advantage and quietly drew Alidra into their silent house.

“Alidra, you mustn’t tell anyone about the scratching on you skin,” she said gently. “It would get you in serious trouble. Do you understand?”

Alidra stared at her, confused. “How did you know about that, mummy?”

“Don’t worry about that, little one.” She pressed a finger to Alidra’s lips. “Just trust me on this. And I’d rather you didn’t mention that you saw me give Imalia a letter either. It would cause trouble for her and Vessin.”

Alidra was a good girl and her instincts had already been telling her the same thing, so she kept her peace but she didn’t stop wondering how her mother had known what she was feeling immediately though the concerns of childhood took precedent.

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