Sunday Blog: Updates and more about Shattered

March 20th, 2016  |  Published in Shattered

Firstly, sorry for skipping Whisper again. I’ll be posting it next Wednesday as it’s nearly written and the eext installment of Haventon isn’t. Next weekend is Easter so I have four days and am going to do lots of writing (if I don’t get distracted by blowing up the moon – see below).

Secondly, this should be the last week before hiatus for Dragon Wars. I am really looking forward to sharing the Caredale Stories with you all.

And now on to Shattered.

The map is developing slowly. I’ve swapped out the ugly mountain brush for my attempt at hand drawn mountains and added in some rivers, forests and hills. I so don’t like those hills but the terrain where the Saleika live is hilly but  not mountainous and I have to show that somehow since the vast majority of the characters are Saleika.

The Saleika are the immediate southern neighbors of the Arissi and thus bear the majority of their tribute demands. Just before the story opens they have been through a long, hard winter where they barely survived food shortages caused solely by the Arissi stealing so much in the Autumn. It may well have led to war but events are about to intercede and  make things much worse.

shattered map 8


And finally if you’re wondering what all that was about blowing up the moon. I’ve been working on an idea for a trailer for Shattered and ended up animating the first 10 seconds. No sound yet, but yes the moon goes boom in it. It’s a bit jerky but not bad considering I’d never animated anything I my life before last night. (Software used Synfig, Gimp and

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