Sunday Worldbuilding – not the post I said I was going to make and not really worldbuilding.

September 1st, 2019  |  Published in Sunday Worldbuilding

Yeah, I know I said that I would do a post about my map making process but it would be a whole load of screenshots and not much actual world building information so I decided it probably wasn’t a great subject for a post. If you still want to see it let me know and I will see what I can do.

However that left me uncertain what to post today. I think I need to plan out posts for this series in advance so this doesn’t happen.

However do have something to share with you today that relates to another of my worldbuilding projects. A modern technology secondary world fantasy world – modern tech meaning characters have cars and phones and all that stuff and secondary world meaning “not Earth”. I’ve had one of these on a back boiler for a while because all those medieval fantasy worlds have to move on eventually and that thought interested me.

Then a while back I had a weird dream that involved me becoming a magical girl (which was a bit odd because I’m in my late 40s X-D). I told some friends about this on Mastodon and one of them decided a middlle aged magical girl was a magical matron which amused me but it was just a weird dream so I put it aside.

Until it somehow merged into the world above and *boom* a whole new world started taking form.

So earlier this week I ended up writing a setting establishment piece that also possibly forms the start of a new story and plonked it up on my ko-fi page because why not. You can read it here if you want. I may write more on this but it’s not a new serial and will be sporadic unless I get really inspired.

Now this world is in my head I may split the world building posts between developing this world and the drying world. So let me know what you’re most interested in about both.

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