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August 18th, 2019  |  Published in Sunday Worldbuilding  |  8 Comments

Hi peeps,

When I said that I would show you how I make my maps this week I forgot I was going to be on holiday in Scotland and so I would not have chance to make the necessary screen shots. So I’ll do that once I’m home. As a result I don’t have a prepared post for this week.

So instead if you have a worldbuilding question about any of my worlds you can ask here and as long as it isn’t a spoiler I will answer over the next few days.

Next week there will not be a Sunday Worldbuilding post as I am travelling home from Holiday. I will however be updating Lawgiver’s Blade (if I can get the installment wrangled into shape) and Tales of the First as usual.

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  1. White Tiger says:

    Hope you ha e a lovely holiday up in my neck of the woods! Have fun 😊

  2. torvawk says:

    What I was wondering, how much background do you have on your places/things/people that don’t really make it into your stories? I use Han Solo as an example. We never really know much about him but you know from his interactions with others that this is a long, sordid story behind him that you never really learn but you can feel the whole way through.

    You often project that same feeling, that there is more going on that what has been said and told without the details. To pick an example from your own work, I would pick Alidra’s mother, Tamasa? She is a lot more than some commoner and mother to a precocious child. We have not learned about it yet, but I can feel it is there. There is a much bigger story behind her than what we have heard. I also get the feeling that we may not learn too much about her either as your story seems to be focusing on Alidra.

    But that gets to my point. How much of a story or background do you end up with that never makes it into the main story? It feels like it would be a lot.

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      I have quite a lot of background on my stories because I am a worldbuilding addict so there is piles of stuff that never makes it in but which I know and which effects everything (affects everything? I have trouble with those two) because the world you live is a big influence on who you are and how you act even when you aren’t thinking about it. So yeah, you’re not imagining it.

      With Lawgiver’s Blade you’re correct that Alidra is the protagonist and the deuteragonist hasn’t even appeared yet, but as to Tamasa there is certainly no foreshadowing of her identity being a major plot point going on there *whistles innocently and hides the clue bat behind her back*. X-D

      • torvawk says:


        *whistles innocently and hides the clue bat behind her back*

        It is fun talking to you. I do appreciate it that you do interact with us.

  3. White Tiger says:

    Hey!! Hope Scotland is treating you well. So a couple of posts back we were talking about exposure and trying to up your readers and I just found a website called which helps readers find authors and authors find readers. It may be worth a look 😊

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      Oooh! Thanks for that! (I think you mean as the link didn’t work and that’s what I found when I looked)

      I’ll look into it… need to check it’s not a scam of some sort (my intial googling looks hopeful) and take up the free intro offer if it isn’t. More reviews is a good thing.

      Scotland is treating me well. Going to the book festival in Edinburgh today.

      • White Tiger says:

        Yay!! Glad to be of some help 😊 Glad your enjoying your Hols!! I’m still in Scotland. Originally from Devon though. Do you still enjoy reading or do you read for inspiration and research??

      • Rebecca Sutton says:

        I’m back home now. 🙂
        Oh I still enjoy reading. I read lots and lots – though not as much as I’d like.

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