The War for Heaven has Begun


Conflict shakes the heavens as an injured goddess heals among her people. The War for Heaven has begun.

The Moon shatters in the sky. The Moon Goddess Enled collapses in front of her priest, Ranet. Not just duty but love compels him and his people, the Saleika, to care for her even as they struggle to flee the ruin of their lands.

The disaster that has befallen them is no accident. Someone plots to supplant the gods, someone who doesn’t care how much suffering they cause as they prevail. This was just the first blow and their loyalty to the gods puts the Saleika in danger.

But their stories hold secrets that put them in even greater danger. Unravelling these secrets may reveal the enemy’s identity, but that will force them to return the ancient homeland they have tried to forget.


How It Works


Shattered is a monthly serialized story that I am releasing via Gumroad. When you subscribe, you get to read between 8-10k word episode of this ongoing serial each month! You also get a monthly world-building post containing information about the setting as well other extras such as maps and art!

Every month a new episode will be delivered to your inbox! Download it to your computer and then send it to your ereader, or read it on the free Gumroad App! And when you’re done reading come back to the site and discuss it with fellow readers in the discussion post I’ll be putting up just after each episode goes live.

Subscribe today and start exploring a vivid fantasy world immediately! It’s pay what you want and there is no minimum subscription so there’s no risk. The recommended subscription is £1.00 a month but you can pay more (or nothing) if you wish by over-typing the amount in the box. (For technical reasons if you want to pay more than zero the minimum is £1, ie. you can subscribe for £0 but not for £0.50).

And if you want to try before committing to a subscription you can read the first chapter (roughly 1700 words) on my Facebook page and decide if you want to read on.



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