The Whisper of Damkina Part 72

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“It was,” Kayla agreed. “I hope they dig out all of the people behind this mess.”

“If they behave like that it’ll be easy,” Amanpreet said. “I mean wouldn’t they be wiser to keep quiet and pretend to be shocked along with everyone else?”

“You’d think so, yes,” Niobe said. “But I guess feelings are running high. At least they all accepted the idea we should try the communication system first.”

“I think part of it was that they were worried they would be evicted from the chamber like the guy from Kinzoku,” Kayla said.

“Oh yeah, we need to send that message to Midori,” Niobe said. “Better news like that comes from a friend.” She began typing swiftly and it was only a few moments before she sent the message off.

“Have you eaten yet?” Amanpreet asked.

“I was too nervous earlier,” Kayla said. “I think I still am.”

Amanpreet tutted at that. “You need to eat. I’ll get you something.”


It was about half an hour later, while they were eating, that Prima returned with Merit and Councillor Krna.

“That was scary!” she said as soon as she entered the room. “Everyone was so angry!”

“I think things will calm down now,” Krna said. “But really that was very strange behaviour. Still I’d like to keep extra security with everyone until we’re sure it’s cleared up.”

“Thank you,” Amanpreet said. “This sort of thing is the last thing we need with a possible war looming.”

“It is, but I actually came back with Prima for happier reasons. Mark and I thought you might like to help with Prima’s lesson today.”

“Huh?” Amanpreet blinked at that. “I could but I don’t have a trainer accreditation.”

“No, but Mark and I both do so it doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, okay then,” Amanpreet said. “It will take my mind of this mess at least. Are we going now?”

“If Mark is ready, yes,” she said.

“He is,” Mark’s door whisked open and he walked in. He had obviously been showering as his hair was damp. “Let’s do this.”


“It’s been a while since I was in a simulator,” Amanpreet said. “I’m not due to recertify until next year.”

“Oh you’ve probably not used one of the new ones then,” Mark said. “You’re in for a treat. They have really improved the simulations over the last generation.”


“Wow, you weren’t kidding,” Amanpreet said about an hour later as he began the first simulation for Prima. “This is impressive. If it weren’t for the fact that hyperspace has a distinctive feel I’d think they’d found a way to drop us into hyperspace.” She stared at the swirling lights. “The old simulations always looked too… too… real? No that’s wrong, hyperspace is real…”

“I know what you mean,” Mark said. “They looked too much a part of normal space. There’s something different about the way things look in hyperspace and I have no idea how they’ve emulated it so well.”

“It does the colours right as well,” Krna said. “Though I know you can’t see them. It’s certainly impressive. But we should get on with the lesson.” She turned Prima. “Can you pick out the Ishtar-Damkina well for me please.”

“Yes!” Prima scanned the lights before pointing to the correct one.

“Very good. Now can you use it to find your home world?”

Prima turned quickly and pointed straight where the Talis well would be once the population rose enough to effect hyperspace. “There!”

They continued in that way for quite some time. Having her identify landmark wells and thus locate stars that didn’t have wells.

“Very good!” Mark said when she finished. “Tomorrow we’ll actually try a simulated journey.”

“Yes!” Prima said.

“For now let’s take a break and go over the regulations side of things.” He popped the hatch and they climbed out of the simulator to find a harried looking security woman waiting.

“Councillor Krna! Commander Aw sent me to find you. They’ve uncovered something.”

“Well, we’d best come see what it is then,” Krna said, gesturing her own security detail to join them. “You should come as well, Prima, since it concerns you.”

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