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March 25th, 2010  |  Published in Dragon Wars Background

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Lydia with Sword

  • Full name: Lydia Stevens
  • Nicknames: Lyd, Flame Warrior
  • Heart Friend: Bennu
  • Affinity: Fire
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: September 17th
  • Place of birth:Central England
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 5′ 7″
  • Body type: Athletic
  • Hair colour: Reddish Blonde
  • Eye colour: Grey
  • Distinguishing marks: Unknown

BIOGRAPHY (to be expanded)

Lydia Stevens is the oldest of the Stevens quadruplets by 5 minutes. When she, Karen and Andrew are summoned to the other world she’s the first of them to meet her heart friend and find her bracelet and weapon. For reasons as yet unrevealed she seem to have more knowledge of her pyrokinetic abilities than anyone, including herself, can account for.

As of the start of the story she and her siblings had not long finished their GCSE exams.


Lydia has red-blonde hair, pale skin and grey eyes. The combination of her mesomorphic body type and her hobbies have granted her an athletic build. She has a tendancy to forget to brush her hair uness Karen reminds her.


When Lydia has an opinion she doesn’t hesitate to speak it. Indeed she is so forthright that at times it borders on the tactless or preachy. She’s also stubborn as hell, though not quite as inflexible in the face of evidence as Andrew.

Her favourite subjects at school are science and geography.

For some reason she has an inordinate dislike of the word magic.


Outdoor Survival, Fencing, Cooking, Pyrokinesis and Telepathy.

RELATIONSHIPS (to be  expanded)

Daniel: Brother. Second of the quadruplets. Not currently with his siblings.

Karen: Sister. Third of the quadruplets.

Andrew: Brother. Youngest of the quadruplets.

Bennu: Heart Friend.  A phoenix.


Etymology : According to Baby Names World, Lydia is a Germanic name meaning ‘Noble kind; of the noble sort’, and is a form of the name Adelheid. Behind the Name, however, says it ‘Means “from Lydia” in Greek. Lydia was a region on the west coast of Asia Minor. In the New Testament this was the name of a woman converted to Christianity by Saint Paul.’

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The drawing of Lydia on the Page is by me. A larger version may be viewed here.

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