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MJKJ’s question about draconic

August 14th, 2013  |  Published in Dragon Wars, Dragon Wars Background

Return of the questions!

MJKJ asks:


Ok, I think any of the dragons might be able to answer.

So, how does draconic sound and look like? (…and where can I learn it?)


Kadoran replies:

“As I told Andrew-idan our language is unique in being a spoken language which is only comprehensible if you’re a telepath. This is because it is inflected telepathically (mostly anyway – gender and pluralisation are both verbal -a, -an and -ri) and it has a very free word order so unless you’re a telepath you’ll be able to pick up the meaning of words but the grammar will be virtually impossible for you.

As to sound the most notable thing is the l’s are very liquid and r’s are trills, lots of stops and nasals. It’s close relative Lova is a tonal language and draconic retains the tone changes as an aesthetic feature though it’s lost any lexical or grammatical meaning. It would in theory be possible for you to learn Lova but you’d need a dragon or one of the Kithreiri to teach you.”

A/N:  For a little more information on draconic from the author’s perspective see this guest post I did last year. Conlanging is one of my hobbies but Draconic would be a nightmare to conlang in detail but if enough people are interested I would be willing to try and conlang Lova publically.


Lady in a Hat’s Question

January 17th, 2012  |  Published in Dragon Wars, Dragon Wars Background

Yep, still behind. I think I’ll be fully caught up next week.

Lady in a Hat asked:


To Whoever can answer this:
It seems to me that there are different stages that “Astrals” can go through; Is this true? And how many and what types are they? And if you can be born a dragon and you can become a dragon, how do you become a dragon?
I know this is multiple questions but I feel they are all related to the same answer some how.
Thank you very much!!

Alaryia unwinds from a chair and looks at you thoughtfully.

“Stages? Do you mean childhood and adulthood? Or are you thinking of human astrals, us and Kithreia being different stages? If the former then just the normal two it’s just that it shows up a bit more spectacularly with us and sometimes more than once. If the latter, then no that’s not really accurate. Our kinds are not in any kind of progression. The Kithreia transformed themselves so they could live on Kithra after being forced to flee from Taloa and we transformed ourselves again to become dragons because the binding of that transformation were intolerable. But these are not stages we pass through… they are the accomadations we make we with hostile territory. Imagine finding yourself trapped in the ocean and then realising you know how to grow gills and fins, it’s your choice but if you do you can never change back.

I’m sorry, I know that wasn’t very clear. It’s sort of hard to explain.”

Hiulgran’s Question on Draconic Rankings

January 4th, 2012  |  Published in Dragon Wars, Dragon Wars Background

Yep, I know I’m way behind on these. I’m going to try and catch up in reverse order I’m afraid.


Hiulgran asks:

Lyrrekka, you seem most suited to awnser this question:
How does the draconic hierarchy work and (the honorifics) translate in human terms?

Lyrrekka replies:

Hmm, well, the higher honorifics don’t really have easy translations but the way the hierarchy works is quite simple. Each honorific except miria or mirian is rough indicator of strength.

The Eliri are the weakest – Eliri is also the draconic word for child because you never find a dragon, kithreia or human resonant who remains at this level after maturity. Most Eliri mature to Kedri, a few borderline cases may be at the weaker end of Alrari.

The Kedri are lowest levels of adult and indeed Kedri means adult, even though as an honorific it applied to children of appropriate strength. Children who are Kedri usually mature to be Alrari, very rarely they’ll hit the lower end of Idri – but almost never. Around two thirds of all dragons and kithreia are kedri but human resonants are more likely to be stronger – this appears to be connected to having a heart friend. It’s a rare warrior who doesn’t mature to Alari level.

The Alrari make up the rest of the born dragons and kithreia since they cannot safely reach Idri level. If a dragon or Kithreia is Alari level in childhood they are watched ver carefully because if they mature to Idri level they are prone to madness. Fortunately most mature to the borderline and not beyond, and the condition is treatable. Human Alrari often mature to Idri though not always. Sal, Jason, my son Kyle and Hannah all seem to be borderline. But Matt, Sonia and I are all idri as are Matt and Sonia’s kids.

The Idri are the strongest of us. No child is ever this level, they couldn’t take it physically.

The Miriri are all Idri. Theoretically they are the strongest Idri of their colour – or more accurately the strongest one capable of doing the job – but usually as long as they aren’t messing up badly no one will challenge the current encumbant. There’s are lot of ritual surrounding challenging for the position because they don’t want some idiot bruiser getting the role even if they are the strongest. There are thirteen Miriri – twelve of them are currently dragons and the thirteenth – Andarian-mirian – is Kithreian.

There are actually different honorifics for non-resonant humans, but they see little use these days for obvious reasons.

Hope this answers you question.

The Dragon Wars Saga – Side Story 3 – Two Years Ago – The Trap Six

October 26th, 2011  |  Published in Dragon Wars, Dragon Wars Background

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Side Story Three

Two Years Ago

The Trap Six

From the rooftop, they had a spectacular view of the city. Smoke was rising from several places and part of the outer wall had been reduced to a pile of rubble where the outlanders had burst through.

Jason, however, seemed to have his attention riveted on something nearby. He pointed mutely at where a wild-eyed oread was kneeling by a fallen Haltia boy. Her grey features were spattered with blood and she was close enough for them to see that her crystal teeth had been sharpened to points. As they watched, she lunged at her victim and sank her teeth into the soft flesh of his stomach. Read the rest of this entry »

Question Catchup One

June 28th, 2011  |  Published in Dragon Wars Background

Dear Salia

Since you are friends now with Karilya for a while would you like to stay friends? What about when you come home? would you leave her back? or would you like her to come and stay with you (provided she wants that and her mother agrees/is allowed to come along)? or if that would not be possible would you rather stay at her’s? I know those are difficult questions, so take your time before you answer them…

Kind regards *hugs*



I don’t want to stay here I want to go home to mummy! But I really hope I can stay friends with Kari. She’s really nice… but I’m scared. Mummy won’t like it and people might think I’m a renegade. But renegades are friends with dragons and I’m friends with Kari… does that make me one? The Core says renegades are bad. I don’t want to be bad, but I don’t think Kari’s bad and I don’t think liking her is bad either and I don’t care what it says. So yes I want to stay friends with Kari once I get home.

Dear Karen

How was your maturing event? How did it feel? What did you experience?

I hope you are feeling well *hugs*


It’s hard to describe. Energy builds up inside you until you can’t hold it any more and you have to transform or it will tear you apart. That’s why mum was telling me not to hold on. The change is instinctive but can be blocked by an act of will.

For me it felt like I was going to shatter into a million pieces and when I let go it was an europhoric rush of light and power.

And my body feels different as well. I think when I reformed it it must have changed to channel the extra power. I feel kind of high.


Dear Lydia, Karen, Daniel and Andrew

Can each of you please tell what you are still remembering of the attack at the holidays about eight years ago?

Thank you


You mean when we went on holiday to Devon and had to come home early because something chased us and then mum was ill? Hmm… they were shadowy things and Dad had Karen drive them off somehow. Drew insists we were camping when he brings it up but I’m sure we were staying in a cottage. Other than that not much except that it tried to grab me the day before.


Lyd’s right it was a cottage. Drew’s a bit addled about it for some reason. I remember the incident the day before and running in a panic through the woods but I don’t recall Kaz doing anything. I have an inkling Dad has something to do with that.


I remember the whole thing. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t but it was just after then that dad started training me.


Question to Mela

March 8th, 2011  |  Published in Dragon Wars Background

mjkj asks:

Dear Mela *hugs*

If it is not too distressing for you or too hutful would you mind telling us about your childhood – of the time where your mind was tempered with how it was and how it felt and what you remember of that time…? – If it is too disturbing for you, please feel free not to answer.

Kind regards and best wishes



Mela replies:

I assume you mean the time when my essence was tampered with by my mother to make me able to use the seeker’s pendant? I’ll try, but I was very small at the time and don’t remember much about it. Which is probably a good thing since I do remember that it hurt.  I used to have to wear it all the time, unless I was somewhere an outsider could see it, and it hurt like someone had hold of my insides and were twisting them all out of shape – which I suppose they were, just not the physical ones.

I think I used to cry at first, but mother scolded me for it. I wanted to please her so I tried to be a good girl. I thought maybe she’d approve of me then. It never seemed to work.

I remember Aunt Lori used to yell at her alot about it, but there wasn’t much else she could do. I think mother had some of the clan watching her.

Lorelei adds:

I could have done more I think. I managed to save Darya when he was born, I should have been able to save Mela too. I should have gone to Valeria again or something.

Anyway, what you have to understand is that the ability to use the seeker’s pendant is only found in merfolk, asrai and other water affinity speakers, and even then it’s only rarely naturally active. Darya was something of an anomaly. Most of us have the dormant ability, but by the time we’re adults or even in late childhood our essence solidifies and we lose all chance to ever wield it. Only a very young child can have their essence remolded to fit, and as Mela says it’s very painful, to the degree no one would consider doing it. No one except my damned sister that is. I hope those dragons eat her!

Mjkj’s Question about Resonant form

February 9th, 2011  |  Published in Dragon Wars Background

Dear Mattias and all who can answer

What is this shift and the resonant forms? How would you explain it? Can you choose your resonant form? How does it affect your power when you are shifted? Is this shifting into an element or another “animal”-form (or “speaker”-form)? (e.g. could it be that you end up as a tree or a water puddle?) Are you mobile when you are shifted (can you walk/float or whatever or could you end up stationary, e.g. when you end up as a stone or something the like?)?

I know that are many questions but I hope you can answer them regardless.

Kind regards


(This is a tough one to answer in character because the characters don’t actually know that much about it except it exists. But I shall give it a shot).

Matthias answers:

Resonant form is the form Kyle took when he was fighting Daniel when he briefly became water. That is a form based on your primary affinity – what I think you mean by element. As far as anyone knows there is no form that impinges on your mobility – mine and Sonia’s certainly don’t – but the necessity of hiding what we are has left us with limited opportunities for study.

Sarah Tyler adds: I’m pretty much sure none of them do. I’ve had opportunity to study the phenomenon more than anyone in the past several thousand years since pretty much my entire family are Resonants. I’ve ascertained for certain that while Matt hates to admit it Resonant form bears a startling similarity to the affinity form of dragons and they certainly have no trouble moving in it.  I get to see some weird things – I mean Lucus’s resonant form is based on Mind… and that’s an incomprehensible thing to see. Sound – like Jason – and Life – like me – are easier to imagine but still strange compared to more normal things like water or fire. As for how it effects our power, it’s certainly easier to use it in that form. There’s less chance of a backlash at higher levels. We need to study it more though.

Very Belated Answers

February 7th, 2011  |  Published in Dragon Wars Background

Eh! I forgot about these questions! Sorry!

Dear Karen

How is it approaching maturity? What are you experiencing? What is changing?

Thank you for your answer. *hugs* Wish you well, and hope it is over soon for you…


Karen replies:

Well, it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. I’m really restless, yet I’m tired all the time – especially when I try to use my abilities. Psychic growing pains I guess. I’ll be glad when it’s done. It’s picked the most inconvenient time, though I won’t deny I could do with the power boost it’ll give me.

Dear Matthias or anybody who knows and can answer

What is this maturity and what is so special in approaching it? What are the effects etc.? Could you please explain it more detailed? (if possible…)

Thank you


Matthias replies: As Karen said it’s a lot like a psychic growth spurt. As Astrals grow up their strength increases gradually until they hit a point just before adulthood when there is a sudden increase in their power levels. It happens fairly quickly but for the brief period while it’s happening it overwhelms their system making it harder to use their abilities. Once it clears though you’ve attained your adult strength and will never get any stronger without artificial augmentation.

Doctor Sarah Tyler adds: This is of course assuming the Astral in question has had occasion to use their abilities – consciously or not – otherwise their abilities tend to slowly die down until they become what we would call a “false ember” (as opposed to a “true ember” which is an individual born with a single weak affinity. Precognitive dreams is the most common). Matt did a good job of keeping the correct channels in his kids’ minds opened so they didn’t follow that route.

Matt interrupts: I don’t think become a “false ember” is a risk for Resonants.

Sarah nods: You could be right. Anyway, those who will become false embers usually have one last flare up around what would be their maturity and it’s their last chance not to become one. Obviously such people are usually Wilds. We keep an eye out for them.

Matt continues: When a Resonant hits maturity they also have their first shift into their resonant form at the culmination. That tends to be the most uncomfortable part of the experience. Karen and the others should hit it soon.

Regular readers please read this! I have a request.

Very Late Answer to Questions

November 20th, 2010  |  Published in Dragon Wars Background

mjkj asks:

Dear Karilya

How old are you? And are you becoming friends with Salia? Is it difficult for you to change forms? And which form do you like most? Will you take care of Salia and keep her from harm? – I am glad you saved Salia, thank you. Maybe you could help her on the roof sometimes…

Feel free to answer on several days because these are many questions

Kind regards


Karilya answers: I’m nearly eight. I hope Salia and I can be friends but she seems nervous of me. Mummy says it’s because I’m a dragon but I can’t help that I was born this way. Does she think I’m going to eat her? I wouldn’t eat a friend without permission! That wouldn’t be nice. I certainly intend to take care of her because she seems nice, not like Foehn who teases me.

Forms? I like my human form best, it has hands and hands are useful. I also like my dragon and wind forms as well because they are easy to take. Other forms are harder. You have to study them and it makes me tired.

I might take Salia up on the roof sometime, the view is great and it’s nice and quiet up there. It’s a good place to hide when Gerian-Mirian loses his temper. But I’m worried mummy would be mad at me if I did. We’ll see.

Dear Salia

What do you think about Karilya? Is she going to be your friend?

I hope you won’t be alone with her and even though she is not your mommy it is always good to have a friend or someone friendly around. Maybe you can find out more of what is going on here from her…

Be strong, my dear Salia *hugs*


Salia replies: I don’t know what to make of her. I mean she’s a dragon but she’s also just a kid like me and I don’t think she’s faking that. No one ever mentioned that dragons had children but I suppose I should have known.

She seems friendly and she’s keeping it secret that I was trying to get on to the roof… You know perhaps we could be friends. But you know she’s a dragon and dragons eat us. They aren’t supposed to be friendly.

It’s very confusing…

But, you know, you’re right it would be good to have a friend who might know what’s going on in this creepy place, and maybe I can persuade her to get me on to the roof so I can see if there’s a way down.

Voting Incentive Answers again

October 13th, 2010  |  Published in Dragon Wars Background

mjkj asks:

Dear she who had been Elaranor (and also all the others who want to answer)

How is it to be a guardian? Is it lonely? Do you have contact with the others? What are you doing the whole day long?

Kind regards


She who was Elaranor replies:

That’s a bit of a strange question to answer. I only vaguely remember what it was like before, so it’s hard to compare. But no it’s not lonely, we’re all linked to each other so there’s always someone there. Though only He who was Indirian is generally talkative. I probably would get lonely if it weren’t for him. They say my predecessor was a little crazed by the isolation.

Apart from that I’m usually on standby. Our job is generally perceived to be protecting the Core from the dragons. That’s not exactly accurate – we can act as a last line of defense for it if we activate the full system, but we have a purpose beyond that. The guardian system is older than the Core. As for what we do all day. Well I think most of the others doze until some danger triggers them. I tend to be a bit nosy and watch what’s happening in the forest, and Indirian I talk a lot.

He was Indirian adds:

El’s right, it isn’t exactly boring. Though without her and Matt I think I’d have gone mad by now. It is, however, very limiting. We’re very much tied to one place and our bodies are effectively dead. The problem isn’t insoluble but it is annoying, I don’t regret agreeing to this but I wish I hadn’t had to.