Dragon Wars: Voting Incentive Question 1

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mjkj asks:

Dear Karen

As of the current update you seem to remember now more about your abilities and how to fight. Why could / did you not teach your siblings a bit more of how to use their powers and how to use them before that attack came? If that is not too spoiler induced … if it is then: Why did you leave your siblings behind – I thought you wanted them to come with you to your heart friend – or did I misunderstand / misinterpret that?

Karen replies:

Of course I would have preferred to have Lydia and Andrew with me, but the situation didn’t really allow that.

I don’t know what’s got into her but Valeria obviously wants them dead for some reason. I think she only wants me alive because of Alban. We could have avoided the thunderbirds she sent after us, but then we’d have been faced with fighting our way to Alban with all the risks involved, and the Speakers aren’t really our enemies. Valeria’s decision to capture me offered an easier alternative to meet up with Alban, and then we can find a way to escape and get back to the others I hope…

As to why I didn’t teach them to defend themselves. I never really had chance. It’s the sort of thing that requires demonstration more than explanation. I only got my bracelet back a couple of days ago. If I’d tried I would have collapsed. Which wouldn’t have been helpful at all. Since then we’ve just been too busy, and – to be honest – I’m a lousy teacher.  It’s likely I would just have confused them if we had chance to practice.

Hope that explains things,


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  1. mjkj says:

    Thank you Karen

    I hope you will have fun with your heart-friend, get (at least most) of the mind block away and soon join with the rest of your family again. (Well, at least with those who you know are there at least — but I would like to see your whole family together and the mysteries resolved also…)


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