Dragon Wars: Voting Incentive Questions 2

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Wow, lots of questions this week!

Kimmie asks:

My question is do all of the human warriors ever appear in the Land of Myth at the same time? Or is it just a certain group at a time

Doctor Sarah Tyler replies:

The answer to this question is yes and no. There have been times in recorded history when every warrior who is of age to fight has been called into the other realm at once. Once or twice this has even been every warrior alive at the time.

But, and it’s a big but, until recently there has never been a time when there has been a heart friend pairing and thus a human warrior for every affinity alive at the same time. Recently though the situation has changed and now, if anything, we have the opposite problem…

Rhys asks:

Dear Dan,
From the outset, it looks like each warrior has a partner warrior with the opposite primary ability. Why did (or didn’t you) arrive in the Gaia before the rest of your quads?

Quick Author’s Note: Gaia is what Speakers call  Earth. Context suggests you mean Talonyka.

Daniel replies:

I’m not too clear on the mechanics of this, but my father says the reason the four of us have paired powers is something to do with us being quads. While most affinities can be paired warriors aren’t called in pairs.

As to why I reached the other world first, the Core was trying to call all four of us but was blocked from summoning the other three.

Fiona asks:

Why are all the speakers carnivores?

Ebona replies:

We can’t eat vegetation, it burns us if we try. Plants are just too rich in Mabain. They aren’t as dangerous as the raw stuff, but it still has to be filtered through an intemediary. That’s a non-speaker herbivore usually. It can be another speaker who’s eaten the herbivore, though this is generally frowned upon nowadays. Some speakers also consume goblin processed plant based things like wine.

By contrast humans, goblins and dragons don’t seem to have a problem with vegetables, which follows of course.

Who has heart friends and who becomes heart friends?

Kimi replies:

According to my mentor a heart friend bond exists between a gifted human and a speaker without a heartstone. They are each other’s heart friends. We know lack of a heart stone always indicates a heart friend among speakers, but are  unsure if humans are equally distinguished among their peers.

mjkj asks Lydia:

What do you remember about your teacher, the “Kithreiri / dragon” that is how did you meet, how did she train you, how came you trusted her in the first place, is she a relative to you, etc.?

I believe since she removed that block from you you should be able to remember those…

Lydia replies:

Don’t ever call one of the Kithreiri a dragon to their face, they hate that. Dragon is what speakers call the ones the Kithreiri call the Kinstrari. I think it would be sort of like calling a human a vampire just because vampires used to be human.

I’ve known my Kithreia teacher since I was very small. I think I landed on her head… Or was it someone else’s head I landed on, and they took me to her for some reason? Anyway I was  just a toddler and I don’t recall much. Except that something about my landing on whoever’s head impressed them.

How did she train me? That would take a while since it’s several years of training you’re asking about. But there was a lot of practicising and demonstration involved. I think I have some ideas to help Drew now I recall it.

Why did I trust her? … You know that’s a very good question. I honestly don’t know. I just did, it never occured to me not to. I wonder why not?

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  1. mjkj says:

    Thank you for the answers, Lydia 🙂


  2. Fiona says:

    Dear Ebona and Kimi,
    Ah, I didn’t notice I was supposed to address my question to somebody specific. Thank you both for rising to the occasion and for your answers.

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