Dragon Wars: Voting Incentive Questions 3

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mjkj asks:

Whoever may know

What is the effect of hurt and death of one heart friend to the other (both directions) and what is the difference to humans as heart friend?
As example it was mentioned that somebody wanted/had planned to kill one heart friend after birth because he had no soul stone – how would that have effected the (human) heart friend (I do not remember who it was, though)?

Karen replies:

That’s actually a very interesting question. The bond is empathic and both parties are immediately aware if the other is injured, but for some reason the human partner bears the brunt of this.  A Speaker is distressed if their heart friend is in pain or unconscious, but generally aren’t incapacitated. A Human actually shares their heart friend’s pain and will lose consciousness if they do. It’s very … inconvenient.

Death, as far as we know, is invariably fatal to both. Of course no one has experimented with this for obvious reasons.

Fiona asks:

Dear Father of the Quads,
Why don’t you consider that Halia might sincerely enjoy healing people?

He replies:

Well, because she’s a dragon… which sounds terribly prejudiced, doesn’t it? I’ll try and explain. Dragons are afflicted with an unremitting hunger for what you might call life force, or psychic energy. They do need it to survive but they don’t stop when they’ve had enough. To be fair this is probably because they don’t know when they are sated, but they also enjoy tormenting their prey. I have never encountered a dragon who wasn’t a sadist.

I suppose it’s vaguely possible that their less savoury tendancies might be mellowed by having their hunger repressed by the collar, but I see no sign of that in my other servants.  Even if it did I certainly don’t think it would make them into kind of person Halia likes to pretend she is.

mjkj asks again:

To whoever knows

Can you please tell me how time runs? Is there a difference between Earth/Gaia and Talonyka? Like one day in Talonyka equals an hour on Earth or the like – and if not should they not be missed on Earth already?

Doctor Sarah Tyler replies:

Unless someone’s messing with it time runs the same in the other world as it does here for the most part. There are some oddities to do with the nature of the place, but nothing pertinent to your question.

As to why  they haven’t been missed yet. I can’t say for sure, but I imagine it’s because it’s summer. That’s why Karen isn’t at Briarthorne, right now. And their father is covering for them, of course. All the same their absence will be noted eventually. I’m not sure what he’ll do then.

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    Ah, thank you for the answers

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      You’re welcome.

      btw Since I post answers on Tuesday I consider the question week to run Wednesday to Tuesday. So you can ask this week’s questions if you wish.

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    Ah, that is nice to know, thank you

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