Dragon Wars: Voting Incentive Questions 5

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mjkj asks:

How does language work in Talonyka? Since Daniel was wondering that Mela said “plate tectonics” in English – so, how can they understand each other (since I believe they did not learn Talonyka in the first place…)? and how can Mela understand English?

Alaryia answers:

Did you know the Dragons call the Speakers Trystilri – “those who can make themselves understood”, and that really is a better name for them than “Speakers”. I tell you this because to understand language with regards to Speakers you need to realise that Speaker is a misnomer in many cases. The Haltia and other quasi-human Speakers can manage human tongues well enough, but many of the other speakers physically couldn’t manage it. Yet all conscious creatures in Talonyka communicate with ease. Why should this be?

The truth is that something links all minds in Talonyka on a surface level, and what you hear when a Speaker talks to you is pretty much what they intend to say. It’s not perfect though – use a word from a language not your own and it won’t translate. Use a word for a concept the listener doesn’t have and it won’t translate – that’s why the mermaid had to use the English words, her own language simply couldn’t handle the concepts.

The biggest problem though is that it refuses to comprehend that humans are multilingual and this sometimes leads to strangeness. It tends to be direct and pick the words the individual will understand, but not once it fixates. There’s a reason all humans hear, for example, “haltia” even when they’d usually think “elf”. It’s amusing really.

Oh and it can’t deal with draconic at all.
What? What is it? If it’s a Talonykan thing how does it work on Taloa?  That would be telling wouldn’t it? (Author’s note: ie that answer would be spoilerish)

Hmm? What’s Taloa? Oh, that’s what the dragons call Gaia.

Fiona asks:

Dear Karen
When we first met you in the first chapter, we saw a girl who likes to dress in stylish clothes; you were the most hesitant of your siblings to enter Talynka…now look at you, you’re a warrier, taking charge and fighting dragons! How does it feel?! Does it feel like you’ve become a different person, or was your warrier side in you all along? Which is the real Karen?
Best wishes,

Karen answers:

Last time I was here I was badly burned – mentally and emotionally that is, not physically. My boyfriend betrayed us, one of my closest friends died, and the Core… Well, let’s not go there. But I also made some wonderful friends here, and Alban’s here. I guess that’s why my feelings were so mixed when the door opened. All I knew was I large part of me didn’t want this. But in the end you can’t avoid your responsibilities. I am a Warrior even if I’m not entirely happy about it. If things are bad enough for me to be called back, they must be pretty bad.   And what’s bad for the other world is usually bad for Earth, and I kind of like Earth. It’s where I keep all my stuff, so I’d kind of like it to stay put.

But the stylish girl is me as well. When I don’t have to fight I’m a bit of a clothes’ horse. Though if I’d known the door would do that I’d have dressed more appropriately. I think my best jeans are ruined.

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  1. mjkj says:

    *comforts Karen*

    Wow, it hit you bad the last time…


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