Question Catchup One

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Dear Salia

Since you are friends now with Karilya for a while would you like to stay friends? What about when you come home? would you leave her back? or would you like her to come and stay with you (provided she wants that and her mother agrees/is allowed to come along)? or if that would not be possible would you rather stay at her’s? I know those are difficult questions, so take your time before you answer them…

Kind regards *hugs*



I don’t want to stay here I want to go home to mummy! But I really hope I can stay friends with Kari. She’s really nice… but I’m scared. Mummy won’t like it and people might think I’m a renegade. But renegades are friends with dragons and I’m friends with Kari… does that make me one? The Core says renegades are bad. I don’t want to be bad, but I don’t think Kari’s bad and I don’t think liking her is bad either and I don’t care what it says. So yes I want to stay friends with Kari once I get home.

Dear Karen

How was your maturing event? How did it feel? What did you experience?

I hope you are feeling well *hugs*


It’s hard to describe. Energy builds up inside you until you can’t hold it any more and you have to transform or it will tear you apart. That’s why mum was telling me not to hold on. The change is instinctive but can be blocked by an act of will.

For me it felt like I was going to shatter into a million pieces and when I let go it was an europhoric rush of light and power.

And my body feels different as well. I think when I reformed it it must have changed to channel the extra power. I feel kind of high.


Dear Lydia, Karen, Daniel and Andrew

Can each of you please tell what you are still remembering of the attack at the holidays about eight years ago?

Thank you


You mean when we went on holiday to Devon and had to come home early because something chased us and then mum was ill? Hmm… they were shadowy things and Dad had Karen drive them off somehow. Drew insists we were camping when he brings it up but I’m sure we were staying in a cottage. Other than that not much except that it tried to grab me the day before.


Lyd’s right it was a cottage. Drew’s a bit addled about it for some reason. I remember the incident the day before and running in a panic through the woods but I don’t recall Kaz doing anything. I have an inkling Dad has something to do with that.


I remember the whole thing. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t but it was just after then that dad started training me.


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