Very Late Answer to Questions

November 20th, 2010  |  Published in Dragon Wars Background  |  1 Comment

mjkj asks:

Dear Karilya

How old are you? And are you becoming friends with Salia? Is it difficult for you to change forms? And which form do you like most? Will you take care of Salia and keep her from harm? – I am glad you saved Salia, thank you. Maybe you could help her on the roof sometimes…

Feel free to answer on several days because these are many questions

Kind regards


Karilya answers: I’m nearly eight. I hope Salia and I can be friends but she seems nervous of me. Mummy says it’s because I’m a dragon but I can’t help that I was born this way. Does she think I’m going to eat her? I wouldn’t eat a friend without permission! That wouldn’t be nice. I certainly intend to take care of her because she seems nice, not like Foehn who teases me.

Forms? I like my human form best, it has hands and hands are useful. I also like my dragon and wind forms as well because they are easy to take. Other forms are harder. You have to study them and it makes me tired.

I might take Salia up on the roof sometime, the view is great and it’s nice and quiet up there. It’s a good place to hide when Gerian-Mirian loses his temper. But I’m worried mummy would be mad at me if I did. We’ll see.

Dear Salia

What do you think about Karilya? Is she going to be your friend?

I hope you won’t be alone with her and even though she is not your mommy it is always good to have a friend or someone friendly around. Maybe you can find out more of what is going on here from her…

Be strong, my dear Salia *hugs*


Salia replies: I don’t know what to make of her. I mean she’s a dragon but she’s also just a kid like me and I don’t think she’s faking that. No one ever mentioned that dragons had children but I suppose I should have known.

She seems friendly and she’s keeping it secret that I was trying to get on to the roof… You know perhaps we could be friends. But you know she’s a dragon and dragons eat us. They aren’t supposed to be friendly.

It’s very confusing…

But, you know, you’re right it would be good to have a friend who might know what’s going on in this creepy place, and maybe I can persuade her to get me on to the roof so I can see if there’s a way down.

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  1. mjkj says:

    Dear Karilya, dear Salia

    Thank you for your answers. I really hope you will become friends and look out for each other.


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