Voting Incentive Answers again

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mjkj asks:

Dear she who had been Elaranor (and also all the others who want to answer)

How is it to be a guardian? Is it lonely? Do you have contact with the others? What are you doing the whole day long?

Kind regards


She who was Elaranor replies:

That’s a bit of a strange question to answer. I only vaguely remember what it was like before, so it’s hard to compare. But no it’s not lonely, we’re all linked to each other so there’s always someone there. Though only He who was Indirian is generally talkative. I probably would get lonely if it weren’t for him. They say my predecessor was a little crazed by the isolation.

Apart from that I’m usually on standby. Our job is generally perceived to be protecting the Core from the dragons. That’s not exactly accurate – we can act as a last line of defense for it if we activate the full system, but we have a purpose beyond that. The guardian system is older than the Core. As for what we do all day. Well I think most of the others doze until some danger triggers them. I tend to be a bit nosy and watch what’s happening in the forest, and Indirian I talk a lot.

He was Indirian adds:

El’s right, it isn’t exactly boring. Though without her and Matt I think I’d have gone mad by now. It is, however, very limiting. We’re very much tied to one place and our bodies are effectively dead. The problem isn’t insoluble but it is annoying, I don’t regret agreeing to this but I wish I hadn’t had to.

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    Thank you so much for the insight

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