Voting Incentive Week Eight

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Dear Dragon Lord – or whoever else might know

If it is not too spoilerish: What is so special about the “first twelve” dragons? (besides their different eye-colours – but maybe you can also elaborate on that and which colours they have – e.g. all red? or …?)

Thank you


Halia replies:

Well they’re the twelve ancient Kithreiri who broke their bounds and became Kinstrari. Literally the first of us. And  of course they are all Miriri – the highest rank of strength and finesse among both peoples. Their eyes match their  hides and blood unlike the rest of us.

Hmm? The colours?

Silver, Red, Blue, Yellow, Light Green (not like our eyes), Black, Amber, Pink, Orange, Brown, Grey and Purple.

You’ll occassionally see gold dragons as well, but  they’re rare and no gold-eyed Kithreia has ever broken their bounds.

(author’s note: sorry it’s short. Anything more would be spoilers).

4 Responses to “Voting Incentive Week Eight”

  1. mjkj says:

    Ah, that is ok.

    So that means: the twelve are the oldest and most powerful/strongest of them and are basically traitors to the Kithreiri

    Thank you for the extensive answer, Halia

    • admin says:

      *Halia cocks her head*

      You’re welcome. But I wouldn’t advise calling my mother a traitor to her face.

      (Glad the answer was adequate :-))

      • mjkj says:

        Thank you, Halia, I will keep that in mind…

        What I was saying was merely a statement summarizing your answer… (and I am glad your mother was not here…) *is relieved to be still alive*

      • admin says:

        *Halia grins*

        Oh, she wouldn’t kill you. Just lecture you into submission.

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