Voting Incentive Week 13 Answers

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Dear Dan

Why is it that you believe someone telling you bad about your dad? Is there any reason for that like previous bad experiences? Do you have a bad relationship with/to him? …and why did you not confront him about that what you heard – he could have explained it to you – or do you not speak with each other concerning Talonyka?

Please take care and protect Mela.

Kind regards and wishing you well


Why did I believe Jayden Emms? Well mostly because I had no reason not to. He works for my father, is pretty much his second in command, and Dad had told him to persuade me to help them. Emms took this a euphemism for torture into submission if I said no – which I did. I believed Dad had meant that as well, but he said he didn’t and Ebona says it’s the truth.

And while the plan he outlined for me was pretty appalling the reasoning behind it was pretty much the same crap dad’s always spouted about magic and global conspiracies. The stuff that makes Lyd go up like a shaken bottle of pop. I just thought he’d gone from being an eccentric nutcase who’s theories gave David Icke a run for his money, but who was harmless, to being a dangerously insane nutcase with some serious firepower at his command.

And – um – I didn’t confront him because it all seemed feasible and I kind of didn’t want to be tortured again. If I’d realised he hadn’t intended that I probably would have done.

Now I don’t know what to think. The way he avoids talking about his ideas in front of Eb I’m beginning to think he’s been lying through his teeth to us all our lives.

I’m not sure that makes it better, but we definitely need to clear the air between us.

Hope that helps,


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  1. mjkj says:

    Thank you Daniel

    Yeah, that makes sense. That makes me wonder what your dad has planned…

    …but I guess the only answer I would get when asking would be that it be too spoilerish… *sighs*

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