Caredale Tales 1: The Sundered Light Chapter Eight Part Three

August 17th, 2016  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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Once again the Kithreian managed to leap out of the way. His eyes fixed on the Key as he turned to face her again.

“Ah! I see! You’re a thief using Andarian-mirian’s property. A clever thief to work out how to use it. A talented thief to be able to use it at all. But you’re still a thief and thieves must be punished. I will prize my mirian’s property from your corpse, girl.” Two blades appeared in his hands and he hurtled towards her seeking to feed them with her blood.

Instinct, and some nudging from the Key, made Ophelia shimmy to left before ducking gracefully back to the right, moving under the blades as he tried to follow her initial movement. As he tried to recover she spun herself around behind him and struck him hard with the hammer.

“Overconfidence is a killer.” Ophelia shot into the air and fired another blast of shards at him.
This time he avoided it completely and flew up into the canopy after her. Ophelia darted away dodging his attacks and weaving between the branches, trying to make sure its attention was all on her and not it’s charge.

“Catch me if you can, silver butt.”

Are you sure that you aren’t the one who’s overconfident? Kira asked. You’re making him angry and you’ve barely even scratched him. If you enrage him any more he’ll probably tear you apart with his bare hands.

Yes, I know this is bloody dangerous. Ophelia tossed another shard at her opponent. But I need him to concentrate on chasing me, so I can get a clear shot at the spar. Once I’ve done that we’re out of here. I can’t beat him without more practice.

Oh I see. That’s actually not a bad plan. I’ll tell you when I think you have a clear shot because you are only going to get one chance.

I know. If I fail to shatter it first time he’ll figure out what I am up to and change his tactics. Ophelia popped out of the canopy briefly and stuck her tongue out at her opponent before diving back into cover. He swore viciously and shot after her intent on gaining his kill.

Okay, drop down and fire now! Kira yelled inside her mind even as the Key communicated the same message.

Ophelia dropped down and fired an intense burst of crystals at the spar before racing in after them. The initial barrage cracked the spar in several places but it remained intact until se fetched it an almight whack. It rang like a bell and something screamed in her mind. A spray of shards exploded out as it shattered but were easily deflected by her shield.

LOOK OUT! Once again the warning came from both Kira and the Key. She ducked and strengthened her shield but it came a split second too late. Most of the attack passed harmlessly over her head and shoulder but one of the invisible blades made it through her shield and dug deep into her right shoulder. She bit her tongue hard to keep from screaming and concentrated long enough to get the Key to jump her the short distance so she could grab Kira’s hand and teleport them home. As they vanished she heard the Kithreian’s triumphant cry turn into a shriek of rage.

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