Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Eight Part Ten

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Chapter Eight

Part Ten

The door was opened by a slim, athletic, red-haired woman in the livery of a guard. She couldn’t be more than three and half foot tall. When she saw them she stepped back to admit them and bowed politely.

“Welcome back, warriors,” she said as she closed the door. She walked back towards her chair on one side of the door. “I-I wanted to apologise for my uncle’s action, and so will he once he is himself again. Thank you for trying to save my father.” She bowed a second time and sat down.

“Korrig was your father?” Lydia asked.

“Yes.” The dwarf woman nodded sadly.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Lydia said.

“Thank you. Uncle wouldn’t let me go to the trial because I didn’t believe you’d done it. The whole story seemed off somehow. But my uncle was utterly convinced they were true. The healers are still trying to unpick the inserted thoughts from his mind. He was more thoroughly worked over than most.”

“Most people recovered as soon as the perpetrators were banished,” Hreid said. “But Hardmar’s mind is a mess. They didn’t just push him or control him, they rewrote whole sections.”

“Which means they had more plans for him,” Lydia mused.

“Ye-” Hreid began then broke off as one of the doors creaked open and Alaryia emerged into the room.

“Welcome back.” She smiled warmly at them. “The Light Warrior is in here, but she’s finally sleeping. Please don’t disturb her.” Her smile turned to a frown as she looked at Lydia. “What have you been doing? You look exhausted.”

“I had to help someone out,” Lydia said. She walked slowly towards the chairs by the fireplace. “I need to sit down.”

“Here, let me help.” Alaryia put an arm around her waist and helped her to the nearest chair. As she sat her down she touched the bracelet Felaria had left Lydia with a fleeting fingertip. “How interesting,” she said so softly that Lydia was sure she was the only one who heard. Then she continued in her more normal voice. “Now what happened?”

Lydia sank back into the chair gratefully and told her about Ignifer.

“Good job,” Alaryia said when she finished. Then she tutted to herself and turned to Hreid. “But really Dariad should have told me about this. Several of my people could have helped.”

“What’s this ?” A golden skinned Haltia woman appeared in the same doorway Alaryia had entered from. Her yellow eyes were rimmed red as if she’d been weeping. She took in Lydia and Andrew and a strained smile appeared on her face. “Ah, you must be Karen’s brother and sister.”
“Your majesty.” Hreid bowed. “They are indeed. This is the Ice Warrior Andrew and the Flame Warrior Lydia.” He turned to them. “This is the Storm Queen Valeria.” He looked back at Valeria and added in a sly tone. “Lydia just saved Ignifer’s life.”

“She did?” Queen Valeria stared at Lydia for a moment before nodding to her. “You have my thanks, flame warrior.”

“You’re welcome.” Lydia looked back Alaryia. “Is Karen really okay?”

“Well, right now she’s very sick and I only just got through pulling the fragments of metal from her wound, but she will be. It was a close thing but they got her here in time.”

“Can we see her?” Andrew asked. He was studiously looking anywhere but at Valeria.

“Of course,” Alaryia said. “But as I said, she’s sleeping. Please don’t disturb her, she needs it to recover.”

“Of course we won’t.” Lydia started to rise but her legs still felt weak. Alaryia helped her to her feet.

“You need to sleep yourself,” Alaryia said. “Eating would help as well.”

“I’ll organise some food for them,” Hreid said.

“Ask my cook to prepare it for her,” Alaryia said. “She’s needs more than just meat.”

“That’s a good idea,” he agreed as he he left the room.

“Come on then.” Alaryia led them into the large bedchamber.

Karen lay in the bed with her eyes closed. She was deathly pale except for her cheeks which were flushed.

A haltia boy with pale skin, long gold hair and clear blue eyes sat by her holding her hand. He looked up when they entered.

“Hello,” he whispered. “You must be Karen’s siblings.”

“Yeah.” Lydia nodded to him as Alaryia helped her into another chair. “You must be Alban.”

“I am.” His eyes returned to Karen’s face for a moment, before he looked over at Valeria. “Are you okay, mother?” Valeria shook her head and he made a sympathetic sound. “I’m worried too , but I’m sure Sal’s alive. That dragon didn’t go to all this trouble in order to kill her.” He looked back that Karen. “I’m afraid it may be rather more serious than that.”

“I know.” She sank into a nearby chair. “That just makes it worse. My poor little moppet. She’ll be so scared.”

Lydia blinked at that. Moppet was such a human word and sounded different from the rest of the statement.

“What in the world is a moppet?” Hreid asked.

Valeria gave him a sad smile. “I have no idea, but it’s what Uncle Indirian’s heart friend used to call me and I like the way it sounds. I think it’s an endearment.”

“It is.” Lydia stopped as Karen murmered something and turned over in her sleep. “We’d better be quiet though. She needs her sleep.”

“Yes, and so do you.” Alaryia hauled Lydia to her feet. “You should have a nap yourself until your food is ready. Karen will be fine and I’ll wake you myself if there’s any change.” She looked over at Valeria. “You too, your majesty. You’ve had a very rough day, but pushing yourself this way won’t help.”

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  1. maileguy says:

    Hi again. Glad to see Karen is resting – I guess comfortably, and Lydia’s getting thanks and food! Somehow, I get the feeling the Warriors aren’t as revered as we might hope on their behalf. Keep it coming, please!

    A couple of misplaced fingers, I think:

    1) “Thank you. Uncle wouldn’t let me got to the trial because I didn’t believe you’d done it. Prolly ‘go to’ was intended.

    2) They are indeed. This the Ice Warrior Andrew and the Flame Warrior… You might have intended an ‘is’ following ‘This’ I think.

    3)Valeria shook her head and he made a sympathetic sound. “I’m worried to, but I’m… I think, ‘too’ in place of ‘to’.

    thanks for sharing, I love it.

    • admin says:

      Thanks once again for spotting the typos. 😀

      The Warriors are in kind of an odd position, for various reasons Speakers distrust humans. The warriors are human, but they’re kind of necessary. Things have got worse in the last two years, but they’re still

      • admin says:


        Things have got worse in the last two years, but they’re still needed. Some Speakers don’t want to bellieve that.

  2. Dana says:

    Just finished reading all the archives and have finally caught up. I’m really enjoying the story and will definitely be keeping up with it whenever it updates.

  3. Scott says:

    Still enjoying everything here, too. 🙂 I suspect ‘Indirian’s heart friend’ will come up again, possibly have some important role or relationship once we find out their human name. I’ve noticed he or she is never referred to except by that phrase, so far. 😉

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